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Teleport Towers should be free cost at Alpha? Vote!!

Teleport Towers should be free cost at Alpha?  

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  1. 1. In my point of view, Teleport towers are something to make the game run quicker and so the player can use them to complete quests more quickly and get to its desired destination more faster. And being on Alpha, we would want to the players to reach higher levels more quickly and do not be bored of walking, and keep playing the game.

    • Yes, the Teleport Towers should be free on alpha, this will incentive all the players to explore more further areas instead of just the nearest ones, and also they will reach higher levels more quickly.
    • No, the Teleport Towers should not be free because this is supposed to be a Luxury feature to the players that have extra cash.
    • Not free, but the price for teleporting is kinda high at the moment for Alpha.
    • This is insane. The teleport costs should be even higher than now.

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