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Comparison between Inventory Item and Equipped Item

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  • PC / Windows 10 Pro - 64 bits.
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 / Full Screen.

Details explained

Well, I've got some itens by defeating monsters on Naica, so then, I was like... let's check the Item, is it better than mine that I'm equipped right now? Then the first thing I did was to hover the item and Check its statuses. By the way, I don't know at this moment what are the statuses of my actual item, and moreover which exact part is the item in question. So i ran into two different problems, one is: to remember each statuses of my equipped item, and also to know which part this equipament belongs into my body. Its really bad to have to annotate or remember each of the statuses to check if the item in question is better or not, and even more if the statuses are almost equal with some efforts and weaknesses.

So after some time I given up of checking each item statuses because it tooks me a lot of time to do.

Suggestion as Improvement

There is two approachs to resolve that UX problem, one is simpler that is just showing the equipped item at the same time of hovering the Item of the same type (same body slot) and you can compare its statuses easily by looking each one.

Easy solution (side-a-side with equipped of same type)



Now the Improved solution (side-a-side with equipped of same type and with status changes)


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