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Draggable Hitboxes too small

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  • PC / Windows 10 Pro - 64 bits.
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 / Full Screen.

Details explained

Well, when I did log in into the game for the first time, I did search for the skills menu and opened them. And then I was lost and confused because I tried twice to drag and drop them to my skills bar as usual and failed. Then I was asking on the global chat "how do I setup my skills" and they said "just drag and drop it" then I realized that the hitbox area of the skill is insanely small, because when you try to click and hold on the exact center of the skill image it works, otherwise it wont.

I see that as a big UX problem because the user dont know the hitbox of the skill just by seeing it, and I noted that the same things occur to items and other draggable items.

Suggestion as Improvement

A increase of the hitbox of the skill till the borders of it, and a hover effect into the whole picture element of the skill will make the user to know that he can interact with that, and when the user start dragging it out, it can left a hole into where it was, making the experience of drag and drop more realist and intuitive. The images below can illustrate the hitbox area actual and the ideal.





Draggable Effect





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This issue (Hit boxes) for sure gonna be fixed in future updates, maybe for beta versión. So don't worry , itll be ok 🙂

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Hello, @Eternal.

First, we appreciate your suggestion! it's very important to us.

I agree that this hitbox is very small and I believe that an improvement is needed in this regard, helping the player's understanding. As mentioned above, as the game is still in the release phase, there will always be things that need to be improved or corrected.

Soon you will receive a response to your suggestion. Thank you.



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