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Crystal Crusade (Recruitment Open)

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The Crystal Crusade is now recruiting!

Looking for a guild? Join the Crystal Crusade and let us conquer the game together!


The purpose of this guild is to build a friendly and reliable community for other players. This is a general guild so it isnt specialised for a certain aspect of the game, together we will do:

  • PVE  - Dungeons, Raids, all kinds of PVE related content. No more writing in world chat and hoping for the best, get to know other members and have reliable groups to make things more convenient.
  • PVP - Say goodbye to randoms on your PVP teams. Make strategies with people you know and have the upper hand over the other team.


This page will be updated if there is any new info. If enough people join we can make a discord group.


English is the main guild language, other than that there are no requirements


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