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Question about Naica Closed Alpha

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Hi, dear devs. First of all I want to thank you all for this amazing game. IT's really beautiful. 


I downloaded today the alpha version from the Play Store and I try to log in using my account and I got a conecction error, something about my account not being linked to any server. So I log in as a guest. I registered in 2018.

The full alpha is only for people who donated or something? I wish I could donate and colaborate to this amazing project, but my current situation make it impossible for me. 

Sorry for my english, not a native speaker.

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If you have a connection issue, try to switch your connection (WIFI, 4G, cable...).

If you have an "Invalid rights issue" this is because you do not have an Alpha access and therefore can only play as Guest!

You can find more information about the game here: https://naicaonline.com/en/faq/

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