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Trade hub / auction house

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Loving naïca so far! I love how devs are quickly implementing positives changes and updating the game. 

I know it must be a really huge and gruesome thing to tackle, but maybe in the future the possibility of adding an auction house or trade hub would be great. 

For example I'm looking for armor and helm of o barr because it's really difficult to get 5 players to get to the dungeon (and now it's more difficult because everyone is doing the mini dungeon). 

I have lots of epic weapons that I wish to trade for them but sadly I must go around running and spamming in chat if someone wants to trade. Super annoying. 

Si in the future maybe an auction house or a trade hub (where you can "deposit" your item and choose the criteria of the item you're looking for with simple selections) and when someone has an item that fulfills that criteria It can be exchanged automatically and sent to your bag. 

Maybe you can click checkboxes or categories For example

Looking for:



Dex: any

Int: 40-55

Str: 60-100

And so on. 

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Possibly these systems will add it later. Remember that it is only a closed Alpha, to report game errors.(Although you can suggest things clearly). There are many mechanisms that will be available in the Beta or the officially released game.

As for the other thing you mentioned, there are certain items that cannot be traded , like O'Barr Items. You can see by the lock symbol on them.

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Uhh, you are in the forum but you didn't read the posts made by the developers? You should do it,  now.

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