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Feedback from a new a player

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to offer my feedback now I've played the game a bit. I'm playing on PC and I've only tried mage so far.

First, I'd like to congratulate the whole team for the incredible work. All my critics below are made with all my respect for the work done. I have a small idea of what it takes to create a game, and it's always humbling to be able to try an ambitious game like Naïca. Also, I am aware some of my critics will likely be due to my own ignorance and not the game itself. Let me know when it's the case.

The Good

- I like the visual design of the map

- I like the class system, it's promising

- Monsters are diverse with cool mechanics

- I'm having fun!! Most important part 🙂

The Less Good

There is more content here but it's also more specific , again, I'm having fun!

User Interface (I guess most things are because "it's alpha" :))

- Shortcuts for quest panel, map, bags, skills, etc. are missing

- Following a quest's progress on the UI is missing

- Interactable elements (on the map or in the UI) are not reactive (items, quest, etc.)

- Sometimes I think something is interactable when it's not. I think a specific cursor would help.

- I'm still not sure how I can equip a potion. I managed to do it once, and have not been to equip a mana potion nor new, better health potions.

- Equipping new gear is a pain (see my reactivity point above)

- I'm not getting a new skill point every level, and don't know when I should get them.

- I have not understand how to write to other players, nor how to group with them, yet


Those are my actual big critics.

- Targeting as a mage is terrible. Sometimes it fires a projectile somewhere for no apparent reason and I end up getting aggro (and die)

- It's hard to tell the range of my close-range AOE.

- Controls don't feel appropriate. Right-clicking for movement and left-clicking for abilities would feel much better when it comes to kiting

- Either I try to kite and the monster reset because it leaves it's aggro range (I think) or I end up fighting like a warrior and die often. It's not a satisfying experience.

- "Missing" and "Criting" enemies is frustrating because I don't what is at play for the spell not to miss or crit. Sometimes I miss 10 times in a row and sometimes I never miss (same enemy, same level)

I don't feel I'm getting better because I'm not sure how to get better. I fallback on the "farm low enemies to grab a few levels" which is not satisfying.

I'm pretty sure my combo should be aoe-cc then kite like mages in most games, but it doesn't feel good right now. I will probably reset as a warrior as soon as possible to try something else.


- I was not able to chose my race


Thank you very much for the game, and the time reading me.




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there are shortcuts for everything. k for skills m for map l for quests i for inventory. 

skill points are every 3 lvls. 3,6,9 etc.

click the glove to equip new gear. 

drag and drop potions to right skill bar.

dex affect hit rate and crit rate. 

mage is better single target dps. not really for aoe grinding. you can use mage and warrior skills both for more aoe skills. that the beauty of the skill system set up. 

no one can choose race atm when you make a character. can buy race change potions from npc.

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I would like to add some things. 

- Missing button to exit game when u hit escape button.

- on the map u can’t see where to turn in quests. Sometimes you have to get really close to actually see the “?” on the npc.  

- UI for equipping gear needs some changes (like item comparing)

- add more options for hotkeys i wanted to put potions on mouse button 4&5 but it only recognises mouse button 3 i think ( scroll wheel click)

- chat need some improvement (faster refresh? Sometimes i don’t see things i have written and they show up after a while) finding groups is a bit hard sometimes also adding friends would be a nice option

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Almost all of that is going to be fix in the coming weeks! We will check later for the hotkeys.

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