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NAÏCA - Rules

The community of Naïca is already big with several thousands of players. So in order to all enjoy our time on the forums and with other players, here are some rules (or more common sense) we all need to follow:

  • 1) BE RESPECTFUL: Everyone is here to talk with other players or help them. Respect everyone and do not insult anyone's race, choices, platform preference, skill-level, or anything else. Also, we won't accept any form of bullying. Do not pick on or point out others' flaws in order to annoy them. Keep it constructive!

  • 2) NO INSULTS, NOR INAPPROPRIATE WORDS OR IMAGES: Any profanity or inappropriate image even censored are not tolerated.

  • 3) NO SPAM/ADS: Do not spam or promote content of any form in the forums. You can of course talk about other video games, brands or other topics as long as it is constructive.

  • 4) PRIVACY: Do not publicly post any form of informations related to your real life or to someone else's life. Real life's informations includes names, phone number, adresses, photos, email adresses, private messages/emails and anything else that will to identify you or someone else of the community.

  • 5) NO LEAKS: No leaks are allowed in the forums. If you are concerned about leaks please contact an Admin or a Moderator. We want our players to have the best experience possible and to enjoy the surprises we'll create for them.

  • 6) COMPLAINTS: We won't tolerate aggressive or hostile complaints posted in the forums. If you want to complaint about something in the game, write a constructive topic or answer. If you have a complaint about a player, please report him. If you wish to complaint about your behaviour on the forums, send the Moderators a message and they will handle your case.

  • 7) NO SPOIL: We all enjoy books, tv series and movies so please do not spoil anyone in the forums or we'll snap our fingers.

  • ? USE THE CORRECT FORUMS: Post only in the forum's language. Any post or comment in the wrong language will be deleted.

Failure to this rules can result in a warning point being applied and ultimately to account sanctions if necessary. Acquiring warning points will result in the following sanctions:

3 warning points = 4 days suspension

5 warning points = 10 days suspension

6 warning points = permanent ban (forums)

*Warning point will automatically be removed 1 year after being applied. Keep in mind that warnings are used as reminders to participate respectfully on the forums. If unable to do so, you will receive additional warnings and potentially face the sanctions listed above.

** Warning points are only visible by the warning point holder, Moderators, Staffs and Admins. Warning points are private informations and should remain this way.

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