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Naïca : Feedback analysis from our first PvE test

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After a dozen of PvP tests since June 2018, we did our first PvE test on January 25th. Players joined us during the test, entered our dungeon in the swamps, and were defeated by the brutal monsters living there.

A bit too brutal if we understood correctly. Thanks to your feedback, we tracked several issues we are now working on, in order to fix them.

Naïca Online - Swarm Storm

Screenshot taken by Vinicin

Things that are almost fixed: raw power of monsters, FPS issue on mobile (10 FPS when there were a lot of players) and rollbacks (being teleported a few meters back while walking). If it isn't, well we'll keep improving.

We are also investigating some other issues such as "I was pushed back by a Mushroom and now I can't move" type of things. For this one, it looks like it is not only related to Mushrooms so we'll keep looking into it (not related to the environment). 

Naïca Online - Stuck

Screenshot taken by penderix

Some of you got an in-game blue background when you tried to enter into the dungeon. It happens less and less and is caused by your device loading twice the map: first time with all the assets, then it delets them, then it loads again with all the assets according to the first map, which doesn't exist anymore. So that's how you get that fancy blue background but it will probably be over soon.

Naïca Online - Blue background

Screenshot taken by Aki

Several things worked pretty well, which are not necessarily obvious: the dungeon system worked as planned, you were not separated from your party if you stepped inside the dungeon and the PC version was even more stable. We appreciate this win on the technical area.

We are still working on the boss so this is why it was not present in this first PvE test. We prefer to make sure the foundations of the dungeon operate as planned before working on something else: it would be a pity if you were killed over and over by monsters before reaching the boss' room or because you cannot find teammates to help you.

Naïca Online - Group invitation

This leads to a another thing we are developing: making Naïca easier to use and clearer to understand for everyone. We will develop a Looking For Group tool in order to help you (and us) form a party for dungeons and other type of stuffs MMORPGs offer. We are creating a feature allowing you to interact more easily with characters and collectibles (more mobile oriented at the moment). Monsters' levels as well as their health points will be visible. We are also looking at showing/hiding other players' names and their health/mana bars when they are not in your party (hiding names could be an option).

Naïca Online - Camp

Some stuff we have in mind: we want to improve the number of players our servers can handle. Currently it is a bit tricky because there are a lot of players on a very restricted location. The bigger the map, the easier it is for our servers. So if we can handle hundreds of players on a small map we're good to go for something larger. One more thing related to dungeons is we plan to create difficulty levels: this way getting your ass kicked by monsters will be your choice!

We hope this answers some of your questions, told or untold! If you wish to participate to the Pre-Alpha tests, make sure to join our Discord and keep an eye on the news channel. Everything is explained on the Discord and everything happens on the Discord (make sure to read the rules and the FAQ!).

See you soon on Naïca!

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