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Found 4 results

  1. This is more of a finished game suggestion than alpha but I will forget it until then so here we go. ----------------------------------------- An arena type event once a week where the leaders of the top X guilds register X amount of people from their guild for an event where they compete against eachother.If someone is offline at the time of the event then the online members pick someone else from the guild.If no one is online then they are disqualified. The competitions could be varied and wouldn't have to be pvp only: PVP 1v1,2v2,4v4,deathmatch,etc. PVE where all the contestants are naked and each guild has to fight a monster/dodge obstacles, relying on skill rather than gear. ------------------------------------------ Normal players who aren't participating can bet on who they think will win. If it is possible to do the event could have spectators. One way to do it would be if the arena is open at all times however the inside ring cant be accesed by walking and you need to be teleported inside. A few mins before the event starts the fighters are teleported into the waiting room which has a locked exit, when it's time for the event the exit unlocks and it leads to the inner part of the arena. An issue with that method is if the inner part is too big the spectators won't be able to see what's going on clearly, maybe when they take a seat the camera would zoom out and focus on the inner part instead of the player ------------------------------------------ But anyway Im just throwing ideas around, have a nice day!
  2. Kai

    PVE or PVP

    I want to know what people are most excited for.
  3. SPECIAL TRANSFORMATIONS Hi guys, I'm Bibilo and th is is an idea that i´ve been thinking about (no copy of another game, maybe one that I don't know about). This is a Detailed guide of the Special transformation system, my idea. First of all, I know Naïca is not about choosing a class (mage, swordman, Archer), but what SPECIALISTS is about, is that you can be powerful and improve the weapon you like the most, so let me explain you and it's going to make sense. 1. What is it? : I call it ST (Special Tansformation), ST are a type of transformation that can help in Pvp and Pve, it could be a weapon transformation, a custome transformation or a Pure Soul, it's best to choose only one modality to be implemented in the game, but they all can be implemented at the same time and make them work together. 1.a. Weapon transformation = I call this one WI (Weapon Improvement), this one makes your weapon look different and be more powerful, WI makes stats of your weapon increase, and gives you a special skill which is more powerful than the other skills you already have, if you use the skill then you have to wait a determined time until the skill is able again, for example: If you get a WI, and you use it then your weapon image will change immediately, your weapon stats will increase immediately and the and the number of st ats that your weapon increases depends on the level of reinforcement of the transformation, you will find an explanation about reinforcement later. 1.b. Custome transformation = I call this one CI (Custome Improvement), this one makes your custome look different and much more cool, CI makes your overall stats increase (hp/damage, etc.) that kind of stats. CI gives you a special attack, if you use the special attack then you have a determined time until the skill is able again, for example: If you get a CI and you use it, your bodi image will change immediately and your overall stats will increase inmediately, the number of stats that will increase depends on the level of reinforcement of the transformation. 1.c. Pure Soul = I call this one PS (Pure Soul), this one makes your bodi look different, PS gives you the power to summon a special invocation that will helps you in a determined time, the invocation will have its own stats, for example: If you get a PS you can summon a type of creature (the type of creature depends on the PS you get), when you summon the creature you have a time to use it, when the time finish you have to wait a determinated time until you can summon the creature again. The stats of the creature depends on the reinforcement of the PS. 2. Reinforcement System : The reinforcement system works as follows, If you have a SPECIAL TRANSFORMATION (ST) and you want to reinforce it you will need some ingredients (undetermined) and the reinforce of the transformation goes from +0 to +10 and the level of the reinforcement will determined the kind of ingredients you need. It will need a NPC that is in charge of the reinforcement of SPECIAL TRANSFORMATION (ST) , that NPC allows you to reinforce your ST and will ask you for the necessary ingredients to do it. The reinforcement can be a succer or it can fail, if it fail then there's a possibility of breaking. There's no limit in the reinforcement attemps, but once your ST is +10 you can't continue reinforce it. 2.a. Probability of succes, fail and breaking. From +0 to +1 and +2 there's 100% probability of succes, 0% fail and 0% breaking. From +2 to +3 there's 90% probability of succes, 8% probability of fail and 2% probability of breaking. From +3 to +4 there's 80% probability of succes, 15% probability of fail and 5% probability of breaking. From +5 to +6 there's 70% probability of succes, 20% probability of fail and 10% probability of breaking. From +6 to +7 there's 60% probability of succes, 25% probability of fail and 15% probability of breaking. From +7 to +8 there's 50% probability of succes, 30% probability of fail and 20% probability of breaking. From +8 to +9 there's 25% probability of succes, 50% probability of fail and 25% probability of breaking. From +0 to +10 there's a 5% probability of succes, 70% probability of fail and 25% probability of breaking. 2.b. -How can you prevent your Special Transformation (ST) from breaking? : There will be an amulet that you can buy or create (undetermined) from some ingredients (undeterminated), this amulet protects your ST from breaking while trying to reinforce, the amule has 3 uses before disappearing, you can use only one amulet at a time, but if one amulet disapeared then you can use another. -But, what happen with the % of probability of breaking?, if you use an amulet the probability of breaking becomes a probability of failure. The probability of success is not affected because it will remain the same even if you use or not an amulet. -Why'd they put probability of breaking if there will be a protective amulet?, because this make the reinforce and all the ST system much more harder and interesting, which makes the game much more funny. 3. How can you get a SPECIAL TRANSFORMATION (ST)?, Well this have to be determined by the developers of Naïca but i can provide some ideas: 3.b. There will be a NPC which gives you the necessary quest to get your ST, you will have to complete some quest: --Firs Part of the quest: Beat some monsters (undetermined), go to some maps (undetermined), create something (undetermined), speak with someone (undetermined), etc. --Second part of the quest: The NPC ask you for a boss soul (undetermined name), this boss is going to be in the final level of a dungeon. There will be a dungeon, which is goint to be able only for those player that reach high level (undetermined), this is going to be a hard dungeon where you have to fight monsters, bosses, etc. the dungeon have 5 levels: Dungeon's level 1: Monsters, quest. Dungeon's level 2: Monsters, mini boss, quest. Dungeon's level 3: Monsters, mini boss, quest. Dungeon's level 4: Monsters, mini boss, NPC which is going to ask for some materials that you can get out of the dungeon in the map, with the materials you have to create a divine bow which is necessary to beat the boss (remember, high level dungeon will need high level materials from high level monsters or quests). Dungeon's level 5: Monsters, Time, Boss. (Boss will drop the soul) -- Third part of the quest: go back with the NPC in charge of the quest and give the soul and finally you will get your ST! 4. Will the Special Transformations be able to be exchanged between players?, Yes, but to exchange your ST you will need a special box, which is going to be able to buy in the game store or by building it (undetermined). 5. How do i know if i can use a Special Transformation (ST)?, There will be some restriction to use them, like a minimun of level or something like that (undetermined). 6. Will ST make me stronger than other players?, Yes, but that´s why you will need high level to get the quest and to get it. 7. Why´d they implement Special Transformations (ST) in the game?, because is a new game that is going to need new ideas to grow up, to become much more harder, interesting and funny. So i think this could be a great system to implement in the game, i don't mean immediately but they could see the idea and see the pontential this system has. *I did this idea of this system without knowing, type of monsters, levels, dungeons, maps, NPC, characters, characters stats, weapons, custome, armors, pets, summon system, Pvp or Pve system, so i hope i didn't go too far XD* *I will update this idea of this system if i have new ideas*. * FROM Bibilo TO NAÏCA PLAYERS AND DEVELOPERS, WITH AFFECT I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE MY IDEA, AND THANKS FOR YOUR TIME*
  4. Oscar

    Boss Fights

    Hello, I was going through my old MMO Games and I found Guild Wars 2. For anyone who is familiar with the game They could tell you that one of the main attributes of the game was the large community and expansive open-world. The coolest feature in my opinion of GW2 were the open world boss fights. These giant battles were open to the server at a set time every week. There would be upwards of 20 people at one location waiting to defeat the boss and claim Event specific loot. I hope somekind of feature like this gets implemented into Naïca. Because, the chance of getting high their loot gave you a status in the community. People see your armor for example and say "To, that guy did the Boss fight that looks sick!" Potentially creating new alliances. I think this feature could only improve the state of Naïca. I believe that it could definitely boost player base for more hardcore fans. Sauce some Feedback! -Flex- P.S This is a similar idea to @aidentwosoulsrandom events (I didn't see his post earlier when I made mine so credit to him for the same idea )
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