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Found 5 results

  1. Boa noite! Pra quem está esperando o lançamento tanto quanto eu, quero criar uma Guild pra gente iniciar em um team hunt legal. Será apenas necessário Whatsapp pra se comunicar pelo gp. Quem tiver interesse, procura o grupo no face que nos falamos por lá. Valeu ✌
  2. Entre para a nossa guilda BR! Até agora somos a primeira guilda do jogo (pelo que sabemos), venha fazer parte! https://discord.gg/nUep3Bw
  3. The feature I am most excited for is guilds, without question. It will be a big thing for me so I have some suggestions surrounding guilds and a potential personal Guild Hall. First suggestion: Guild Hall (Guild room) Players will be able to obtain or purchase a personal Guild Hall after the creation of their guild. Having a personal Guild Hall would be amazing! I want to feel as close to the game as possible, so having a home to share with guild mates seems super cool. Guild Halls would be identical to the ones of other guilds at their base or core, just a simple empty room (size undetermined). The Guild-Master, or whatever you may call that position (because you can change it!), will be able to decorate the room by adding furniture or displays, maybe a board showing all the members and their online status. You may be wondering how one may obtain said furniture. This could be fairly simple, they could be crafted with materials found throughout the world. Your guild’s nicely decorated Guild Hall could show you mean business! If Guild Halls were implemented into the game there is no doubt that there would be thousands of them, that is why it may be smart to add a price tag to have one. Plus having a whole bunch of rooms may equal the demand of more servers. Similar to having your own very tiny world. “Servers? What do you mean servers, Jigoku?” Let me explain in my second suggestion. Second suggestion: Guild Hall Directory Because guilds will have their own Guild Hall that means they will be entering another space, not showing the outside world. Every Guild Hall will look exactly the same “naked” but once decorated it will be unique and special. I would want people to see our Guild Hall so I suggest some sort of directory system. The directory would be a menu where players could search guild names and enter their Guild Hall. This allows people to chat with members of the guild or other players that are in that Guild Hall at that given time, like a social space or meeting grounds. Players could get to know the members before applying to join. Guilds may not always want random people to enter their Guild Hall so the Guild Master would have the option to turn the Guild Hall’s entering availability to “private” or “public” (“members only” or “open house”). The Guild Hall Directory could also have a “Featured Guilds” section for guilds moderators or developers find worthy of recognition. The Guild Hall Directory buildings could be found in towns or checkpoints. It could maybe be a building labeled “Guild Hall HQ” or something. Conclusion: I know that was a lot to read but thank you. These features are something I feel everyone will love and I hope you developers take this into consideration, I know it would be a lot of work but you have already shown such resolve. I do not expect this feature to be considered until the full game release. If you have any suggestions or add-ons don’t be shy! Peace, Jigoku
  4. Hello, I saw the system rank in Guild, and Members can't do anything, I was thinking to add a "suggest" option for the Members, where they can suggest their friends to be in the same guild.As a member, you won't have to wait for the Guild Master or Officers to get online and as a Officer or Guild Master, you won't be disturbed.Also, you can add an optional text box where the member can write why he wants that person in the guild.In the guild menu, you will have a "Suggested Members" section and there will be like their name, who suggested him, the text box and "accept" and "reject" buttons.When you press right click on the player, you could have an option to inspect his profile.
  5. I am with enough follow-up to this possible new favorite game in discord but as it is to be assumed one always has doubts that sooner or later he will want to clarify them and this is one of the cases. First of all I was reading the forum about the guild and a question arose: how can the guilds be created? Will many requirements be needed to create it or at the beginning can they be created freely up to a certain limit? And if they were the requirements, what would they be? As far as I know, only alpha tests of PvP (player vs. player) were taken, which I did not have time to test, so I got some last questions. (I do not want to overload this xD forum either) Have you already taken alpha tests of PvE? Are there more videos showing more novelties of the game or do they want to surprise us by showing us the least so our experience in the game is wrapped in the curiosity and experimentation of everything they have to offer? I know many of these questions will not answer them but I'm sure there are many more future players who have the same questions as mine. I wish you a happy development and that the game comes out as soon as possible :3
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