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Found 8 results

  1. I'm being honest, I didn't like the style of the human character, for me, the hero has to have a striking face, not an ordinary face. Estou sendo sincero, não gostei do estilo do personagem humano, para mim, o heroi tem que ter um rosto marcante, não um rostinho comum.
  2. I think it would be useful to introduce a small quest window, so as to keep them always in view. The window would have a button to be reduced, and a button to open the quest page. This system is in all mmorpg, can not miss the window could be like this: it is usually present under the minimap, but could be made movable:
  3. MASTERY220


    Describe your suggestion in the title: Be concise but be precise. Ability to win at events /craft, cosmetic items that you can apply on weapons/armor(Mostly end game) Example: Normal wood sword+icy aspect=a wooden sword that has snow particles or looks different Or actually being able to add the sed aspect to the weapon giving it an ability Example: Normal wooden sword+ icy aspect=Icy wooden sword of chilling, effect( slows target for 30%) As for the armors it could just change how it looks or it can add resist
  4. As I played, I left a quest aside. After several hours I completed it, I had forgotten who had given it to me, and therefore to whom I had to deliver it. Why not add small icons with the npc faces that give the quest? I made these small examples:
  5. I know theres plenty of time to go before release, but I have an idea about color customization. Maybe there could be certain color palettes for people who donated before release to use on gear and characters. I could also see it being really cool if certain events/achievements gave you the option to pick between maybe 2 or 3 colors with the choice being irreversible. It could give players a chance to be different and know that not every color would be available to them so they'd have to pick wisely. Maybe even in app purchases of certain colors for an income boost. (Excluding event/achievement based colors) I tried to find similar topics about this, but I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. Theres tons of opportunity for character and gear customization that I thought I'd at least post this before I forgot about it. Lemme know your thoughts!
  6. I was just wondering, since some people are picky (including me) when it comes to their character in the game, will be there gender choices or colour choices for your character in the game?
  7. Hello everyone! Recently I've had an idea about ranking the monsters/bosses/ in ranks, so it will be easier to know if you can take up a quests/boss battle or not, monster ranks (Tiers) could be divided such as; Monster Ranks S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier D-Tier E-Tier Extremely Powerful Enemies Very Powerful Enemies Powerful Enemies Intermediate Enemies Weak Enemies Starting/Very Weak Enemies This could be very useful when selecting dungeons/raids So an "A-Tier Dungeon" could be as the following; the monsters are B-Tier or C-Tier and the dungeon boss an A-Tier and if you're lucky (or unlucky ) the boss could also be an S-Tier! BONUS It would be nice if we also could know how strong is the enemy compared to us (the player), so a nice way to find out without dying is; The enemy name color will change based to your level/stats, so if you're just starting out (Lv.1) the chart should be similar, but after getting stronger (e.g Lv.10) the "Dragon" may appear Orange! Thank you for reading! - Phanta
  8. Hi, my proposal is when you are playing normally, some event appears globally for all players, example a raid, a rare quest, or for certain players nearby them only for each player depending by his location on the map (with a little minimap on the hud).
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