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Found 21 results

  1. My game on the computer only opens at a resolution of 640 x 400, that's not the problem the problem is when I'm going to do the first quest that I have to select the spell it covers the entire screen, I can't put the spell in its place! ! Help
  2. Estou criando esse tópico porque não achei nenhum lugar para reportar bugs da versão Alpha (no site). Baixei a versão de PC e loguei agora pouco. Abaixo vai algumas percepções e problemas encontrados até então: Não possui resolução 1920x1080, o que é bem ruim para um jogo de PC. Dá a sensação de estar emulando um jogo de Android. O jogo deu "crash" quando escolhi o nome do personagem. Ao logar novamente, o jogo iniciou sozinho, ou seja, não tive a oportunidade de escolher raça nem nada. Em menos de 5 minutos dentro do jogo, ele deu "crash" novamente. Falta a opção de mapear um atalho para os Menus e submenus (Personagem, Bolsa, Skills, etc...). O ping está bastante alto para mim, o que ocasionou algumas mortes pela demora do personagem em realizar um ataque. Moro em São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Estarei constantemente atualizando esse tópico com minhas percepções do game e experiências ocorridas dentro dele (boas ou ruins). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18362) AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor (16 CPUs), ~3.7GHz 32 GB RAM DirectX 12 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Cell phone: OnePlus 6
  3. Bonjour à toutes et à tous, N'ayant pas encore vu de topic destiné aux bugs et problèmes in game, je me permet de vous transmettre un petit bug du marchand. En effet dès que je suis en échange avec, il m'est impossible d'augmenter la quantité de mes objets à vendre. Je joue sur version PC. Bonne journée à vous !
  4. Bonjour le staff ? , Post pour vous informer qu'il m'arrive parfois d'avoir un bug d'affichage lors d'un loot éventuel du mob "Turg" Comme en témoigne la photo, un onglet Validate apparaît à la place du loot. Cordialement,
  5. I donated early to play the game and support the game but it hadn’t released to iOS at the time so I just sat on my donation but I claimed my reserved name right away, but my names allready in use it says and I have never logged in before, any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hi fellow gamers and admins. I found out, that when You fight with an enemys on a bridge using distance spell. You can bug game. All of the movinf animation will gone, enemys won't attack You and you won't be able to attack them either. You won't be able to take any stuff from the ground. But You now will be able to go wherever You want. You won't be teleported to main spawn point, when moving to new parts where guests are not allowed to move. But notice, that You also not will be able to move in any doors, talk with any NPC's and etc.
  7. Baixei o jogo no celular abre porem aparece uma uma janela com '' error getting message '' e em seguida ele alega que eu não estou conectado a internet mesmo eu estando, ai tentei logar pelo PC, baixei o NaicaLauncher mas quando abro ele surge um janela sem nada, tudo branco.. vou por uns anexos, se alguém poder me ajuda.. quero muito jogar!!!
  8. When i install Naica on the Smartphone Galaxy J5 Prime the game don't open.
  9. So, today I installed the new update when the older version reminded me so. I logged into my account and downloaded Naica for android. Update installed but when I pressed on app to open it, it didn't do anything. It doesn't even want to launch the app?
  10. Im not sure if this has been covered or not but i just downloaded the most recent version of the game client for android and everytime i try and start it, it just immediately crashes. Iv tried deleting it and redownloading it with and without wifi and it still wont work.
  11. Hey all: Well , something strange has just happened to me now. I was selling a couple of items that I got in the Mini-Dungeon. In the moment that I sell my last Item , I lost all my money and I only kept the value of the item. I mean , I had 13k of Ingame money (I wanted to buy the reset skill) and in the moment I sold a Orb , I just had 1.7k of IG money. I am not looking to claim money because it is probably not possible. I don't have pictures about it, don't imagine what could happen to me. It is the first time that it happens. I will try to recover the IG money playing, no problem. But I think it is an important bug that should be fixed. ¡Thanks for read!
  12. Well , I don't know if someone else has reported the problem , Sorry if that is the case. When I went to pick up the drop, after killing the "Choom" a bug a message appeared (validate). So I couldn't pick the Item.
  13. Kai


    Hey players, I am currently unable to use the WA keys out of the WASD. WA keys were some reason set to QZ which I can’t change. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks, Kai (Later): I'm actually just not smart. Thanks to Botx I figured it out.
  14. Hi, i'm a new player ? After a few minutes of play, or after sometimes opening the menu, the aforementioned disappears, remaining empty ?? I have to open and close the game every time. Good game development ? I have a lot of hope for this game.
  15. Hey, When I try to sell more units of the same item (by clicking on the arrow next to x1) it doesn't increase the salable items?. When I sell an item by mistake I can't close the confirmation window. I found this problem in the PC version.
  16. FillBO

    Error (?

    Hallo guys ?? Something strange has just happened to me when installing the game and I would like to confirm if I am the only person that has happened to it ... I barely opened the game, where it was going well, but when entering my registration data (email and password) it has failed to connect about 5 or 6 times while writing my username / nickname ... Now, in addition to that, what I have left with the most sorrows has left is that ... He charged, like something savage and only made me appear out of nowhere being any race, and incidentally ... The one I liked ... My mother what horror . Then I left and sent a message, but I still wanted to share it because maybe someone else could have happened to it. Do not?
  17. Bonjour le staff ? , Post pour vous informer de 3 localisations ou se trouvent des bugs textures map bleu. Coordialement,
  18. Bonjour, Petit bug de changement d'icone joueur trouvé, Dès que nous quittons un groupe de joueur, automatiquement l'icone de notre personnage ce transforme en notre ancien collègue de groupe. Comme en témoigne ce Screenshots, mon personnage c'est transformé en "Nico" Portez-vous bien ! ?
  19. when entering the storage and see your things equipped, if you give the manito repeatedly and fast (the button to equip or de-stock) the object is cloned and you can do that several times with all your objects equipped, then you equip those you had and those that you have left over you can sell them in the store, I think they should fix that
  20. Reserved myself a nickname through donation. Got email that I can take it. Can't type it in. It only takes the first letter after that it just doesn't respond or types multiple same letters. I'm on android btw. Chrome
  21. Petko


    So i was thinking, for pre alpha test you are going to use servers with 400slots but you have 110 000+ registered playes so i guess that is going to be a big problem. There is a lot of hype for this game and that means on release day many people will just wait for opening like countdown. That means there will be a lot of players in first 2 hours. Many people wont join. Difference in time zones, some player created more than one account and some other stuff bit lets say 40 000 people try to log in in first few hours. That 100 more than for pre alpha so my concern is that in first day will be a lot of crashes and disconnections. How are you planing to regulate that? I know there is just 8 people in your team so large servers are probably not an option so are you going to set max amount of players for release date or something else? PS: Nice stream, love your work
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