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  1. Good suggestion, would be cool to give the character something to differentiate it from everyone else. Maybe gender choices are the wrong way to approach this, though. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion, but (apparently), there's more than just two genders. So to keep it cool with every player, I say give us one, unidentified gender, and let us modify the character with different details that could include e.g. scars, eyelashes, eyecolors, hair/facial hair modification etc.
  2. If ever needed, I can help out with a finnish translation for the game. Just HMU whenever
  3. Azralian or Ophimander, we'll see!
  4. I was casually scrolling through instagram, as usual, and saw an ad. Thought the game looked interesting and so I signed up! Oh, and uhh.. Hi. I'm new here
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