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  1. I love the idea of a lighting system, even if it doesn't work out i'm glad you're trying cool stuff like that.
  2. I like the idea but english in this forum section please
  3. This is more of a finished game suggestion than alpha but I will forget it until then so here we go. ----------------------------------------- An arena type event once a week where the leaders of the top X guilds register X amount of people from their guild for an event where they compete against eachother.If someone is offline at the time of the event then the online members pick someone else from the guild.If no one is online then they are disqualified. The competitions could be varied and wouldn't have to be pvp only: PVP 1v1,2v2,4v4,deathmatch,etc. PVE where all the contestants are naked and each guild has to fight a monster/dodge obstacles, relying on skill rather than gear. ------------------------------------------ Normal players who aren't participating can bet on who they think will win. If it is possible to do the event could have spectators. One way to do it would be if the arena is open at all times however the inside ring cant be accesed by walking and you need to be teleported inside. A few mins before the event starts the fighters are teleported into the waiting room which has a locked exit, when it's time for the event the exit unlocks and it leads to the inner part of the arena. An issue with that method is if the inner part is too big the spectators won't be able to see what's going on clearly, maybe when they take a seat the camera would zoom out and focus on the inner part instead of the player ------------------------------------------ But anyway Im just throwing ideas around, have a nice day!
  4. Wall


  5. Glad to see you guys going for quality, take your time.
  6. Wall

    PVE test

    You can see gameplay of things that will be in the pve test here and yes there will be a dungeon with a boss to try out.
  7. Wall

    Game Over

    Looks nice from what I can see but you might want to export it in a higher resolution
  8. Hello, this is the english forum please speak english here. About the pve there was a little bit of chicken killing but aside from that I guess we will be suprised.
  9. Wall

    Fat Frogman

    Better than Mona Lisa.
  10. Wall

    Fat Frogman

    Did you base them on something or did you make them up ?
  11. Wall

    Fat Frogman

    Looks nice I like the shading.
  12. Wall

    Fat Frogman

    Thank you! I tried to match Naica's style.
  13. Wall

    Fat Frogman

    I used Aseprite, it's a program made for pixel art.
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