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  1. It looks amazing so far! The choice to spend more time developing the game rather than releasing it earlier was a great choice, and I'm so happy to see even the small improvements and additions. It really pulls the game together and it's obvious how much everyone on the team cares about the players.
  2. I think that would be cool! Features having to do with alignments would be interesting and a lot of fun. There's a lot of stuff that could be done with it, like maybe advantages against a certain type of monster etc; or "tiers" of it, like "Blessed" and then full on "Holy" (Blessed might be a small stat, but then Holy would be a bigger stat?). Maybe, further on in development, entirely different weapons/armor etc could be available to both sides. Just ideas, but I really like your suggestion!
  3. Me too. I figured they were asking for the twigs, so I got all 7 and the box turned into a check. Turning in the quest was a little funky but overall I'm pretty sure it worked. Stamina as in running, right? I felt like my stamina was really high, I don't think I ever really ran out (I didn't run for too long though, maybe a 4-5 seconds max). Sprinting was a little weird though and sometimes it bugged out and teleported me back. I couldn't figure out if you had to press and hold shift, or just press shift once. Whenever I tried to stop running it was also a little slow, or took a little to register that I had stopped trying to sprint. Was there a hotkey to instantly target the closest enemy/friend? When I was first starting to fight, I tried pressing E and it seemed to work and target the closest enemy, but then it stopped doing anything and I'm not sure what happened. Being a melee attacker was a little difficult, like clicking the enemies. As for the skill hotkeys, the order seemed off. The topmost right skill seemed to be triggered by pressing 1, but then the one to the left of it was triggered by pressing 4. I think a little clarification/description would be helpful too, maybe like being able to hover over it and it'll give a number/etc. I also really agree with the idea that enemies should instead gain health slowly, instead of instantly resetting. It was impossible to solo the mushrooms because of the knockback. Thanks for running the test though! It was fun to experience the game first hand, and I can't wait until it's released. Looking good so far!
  4. Tawnyx

    Rivers and Boats

    I agree! It could also be a cool way to sort of "fast travel" from one area (town/important spot?) to another
  5. Probably Vulpian! Running from conflict in games has always been a strong suit for me, and I'd love to see this 'bad reputation'
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