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  1. Neon


    Cool concept!
  2. I like MMORPG games, and i love pixel arts. This game combines both. I also want to roleplay a specific character (one of the 41 supreme beings from a light novel called "Overlord", which again is story about a player, that was playing a DMMO-RPG (Advanced MMORPG), and got stuck/integrated in the game forever.))
  3. I wish to address the looting situation. Some players say that if you deal the killing blow to the NPC you get all the loot. Is this true? And if it is, can we get in the future some alternative to this system? Mushrooms are very hard to kill, over rank 5 melee-20 hits were needed to kill it. Some pathways were blocked, but that is nothing weird. Could not find the golden chicken ? The usernames were covered by the hp tab, so i couldnt see my groupies. Overall the experience was quite fun and calming!
  4. Denelite/Warrior, and later hopefully a paladin!
  5. Sounds neat! Cant wait to create my own guild.
  6. A friend has recommended it to me!
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