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  1. De momento no se sabe. Al menos en la Alpha cerrada no se puede , es al azar. Sin embargo existen las pociones de razas las cuales puedes comprar en la tienda de personalización. Es un poco caro , pero de seguro habrán drops en Dungeons.
  2. First of all, greetings to the community of Naica: I wanted to focus on making a suggestion about Discord. As everyone knows, Discord is where there is more activity with users , more dialogue and questions. That's why I think it would be a good idea to add a new title on the server of this platform. I am referring to that of "Helpers". My proposal is based on having a couple of helpers in each language available (EN / ES / BR / FR). And to be, the user must apply a form in a corresponding section of the forum. With questions that the development team wants to make sure the person will do a good job on it. Only to be able to obtain information about the applicant user. I have dealt with many forums and Discord servers of other games, and this form is very used. I think it's a good idea since it would be a great help for the development team. So you should not spend much time answering basic questions with users in Discord. The accepted person could have the corresponding tag to their native language in Discord (and Forum if you want). Like "[ES Helper]" or "[EN Helper]" with any color. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this suggestion, regards.
  3. Possibly these systems will add it later. Remember that it is only a closed Alpha, to report game errors.(Although you can suggest things clearly). There are many mechanisms that will be available in the Beta or the officially released game. As for the other thing you mentioned, there are certain items that cannot be traded , like O'Barr Items. You can see by the lock symbol on them.
  4. yotter

    Skill Tree

    Yes you can, but you have to unlock certain skills to have the availability to unlock others. As DilBert explained. Each active skill you unlock can be used in your skill bar.
  5. No, I did not get it back. While I was selling items, I was in line to enter a Dungeon , when I entered the Dungeon and left, I returned to the store. And the option appeared to sell an object that had been pending before suddenly entering. I accepted the sale and suddenly the amount of my money decreased to the value of the object. I do not know if I explain myself, I will try to detail the most if I do not explain myself well.
  6. yotter

    Skill Tree

    In my case, I decided the warrior class because of the skills it has (probably I will reset it later). However, I consider that one of the best skills corresponds to magic because you use ranged attacks, and healing your team is very OP. I've seen almost nothing of people using archer skills so I can't give you an opinion with that class. So , If you want do nearby attacks , use warrior skills. If you want use magic attacks , and heal your team , so you can lvl that skills. I hope it helps you to decide , so remember that you can reset the skills but you need to buy that in the shop with 12k of IG money.
  7. yotter

    Skill points

    Then, every 3 levels. Sorry for the mistake.
  8. yotter


    I saw a couple of people had problems with the HUB due to the resolution of the game. Although it depends on the monitor size of each PC, they will probably solve it in the following updates.
  9. Hey all: Well , something strange has just happened to me now. I was selling a couple of items that I got in the Mini-Dungeon. In the moment that I sell my last Item , I lost all my money and I only kept the value of the item. I mean , I had 13k of Ingame money (I wanted to buy the reset skill) and in the moment I sold a Orb , I just had 1.7k of IG money. I am not looking to claim money because it is probably not possible. I don't have pictures about it, don't imagine what could happen to me. It is the first time that it happens. I will try to recover the IG money playing, no problem. But I think it is an important bug that should be fixed. ¡Thanks for read!
  10. When you get that message, you should go to the official website and download the new version of the game. The development team notifies us through Discord when a new version is available. Then you can check there daily.
  11. yotter

    Skill points

    Personally, the system has given me 1 point every 2 levels. Not counting the points they gave me as soon as I started.
  12. The Developer team sayed that at the beginning the game will be traslated to french, english, spanish and portuguese. Then they will work on the translation of other languages.
  13. You need to log in with your Naica page account. After that go to the option "closed alpha" and you will have two options : Download PC or Android (Mobile).
  14. Excellent, I was testing it. It has a couple of bugs but nothing that can't be fixed. Very nice!
  15. yotter


    It is not a problem, We all started that way. At least during the Alpha. Remember that it is only for reporting errors while you are playing.
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