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  1. Zin

    Bug resolution in PC

    I managed to solve the problem, I did the following click on the naica icon on the desktop and then I went to the game folder, entering there create a naica online shortcut for the desktop, when you do this right click on the icon created and go to properties, now change the normal window to "maxed". Okay I hope this helps someone
  2. O máximo que meu jogo consegue é de 640 x 480,não sei o motivo!!!! e não consigo jogar porque os menus ficam enormes... Socorro
  3. My game on the computer only opens at a resolution of 640 x 400, that's not the problem the problem is when I'm going to do the first quest that I have to select the spell it covers the entire screen, I can't put the spell in its place! ! Help
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