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  1. Welcome, I didn't find this thing so I would suggest something who can improve our security - verification codes. It's simple but can increase our sense of security. In my opinion we should get these codes in email messages. I am sure that you know how it works . I think that it's a very important thing who can increase our comfort. What do you think about it? Greetings, Pazuras
  2. Welcome, I would suggest a small thing. I am a player for a bit long time and I know how clock and calendar can be useful in game. You can put them in the right corner.. I know that people can check them on phone or just do "ALT+TAB" but in my opinion those things in game can save some time and maybe save someone ?... It's very easy to forget about world if you have fun. Like I said before - small things but very useful. What do you think about it? Greetings, Pazuras
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