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  1. When i install Naica on the Smartphone Galaxy J5 Prime the game don't open.
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    In fact i not forgoten, in some brazilian voicecovers is 8000 instead of 9000. Its a little mistake that we made....sorry
  3. Push


    Just like Vegeta: "Over 8000!"
  4. I have a idea about the future servers of Naica, how about make servers divided by language? With that, player on the same country or language can play each other without have to learn other language.As a result,administrators will have less trouble filtering out problems and resolving them. "Ok, nice idea but we want everybody playing together around the world." For that we have a global server how occasionally open for "guild wars" and Global Dungeons.
  5. Can i stream or record Naica if i play the playtest ?
  6. I discovered Naica on Instagram
  7. I'm a Brazilian student, future programmer and I'm looking for a PvE game that is in the beginning so I can invest and I think Naica is that game. Maybe I'll learn something by following the development of this game, I'll be happy to help with my opinion.
  8. I'm really wanna see that game!
  9. Gostaria de saber o seguinte: Haverá apenas servidores globais onde todos os jogadores vão ficar? Exemplo: Global 1 Global 2 etc... ou serão divididos por língua ou país? (Obviamente mesmo que sejam divididos por língua/país ainda sim serão todos os players de todas as plataformas para não tirar a essência do jogo)
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