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  1. Hey! Just like the title says.
  2. Really interested in it, but we will see when the time comes.
  3. Kohs, but Naica won't be p2w. It will have a store though, but with items that don't provide any advantage in stats, so you don't have to worry about p2w stuff here.
  4. Kyro

    I'm alone

    Well, good that you asked the question then, I guess. Although you could just enter the Discord server for a while and ask it + get a bit more information about the game since probably every information about it is probably posted there. Also, I don't know what languages you meant considering just your question, so instead of saying what I did wrong you could just precise it, so I could apologize for my mistake and give you the information I know (wrong category to ask such questions tho!) Going back to your question and my answer: We don't know about any other language (besides 4 main ones) that are going to be in the game or the community for now, but if any language will be going to be added to the game or community we will be informed about it! You can, of course, wait for the staff's answer if you want to. Got a little bit irritated here, but have a great day!
  5. Heyo! Like I said in the title - when you enter the same e-mail in the registration you get no information if it was entered before. I checked it on PC and Android. The problem occurs on both and it's probably the website's error. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Y1RWNzJ Have a great day! ~Kyro
  6. I'm against it. If I would like to recommend the game to someone - I would do it without a referral system. Also, I would like every player to be equal with each other when it comes to taking advantage over others.
  7. Sounds quite good to me!
  8. You will be told about it before a playtest. Here is a quote from information for the playtest that happened October 17 (it's also the same for the playtest that happened December 7): "→ You can live stream or record video from the test but you'll have to indicate that this currently a Pre-Alpha/Work In Progress version (release of the Alpha early 2019) → You can indicate Naïca as your streamed game on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Naïca" As you can see you can stream or record gameplay from the game, but you have to indicate the game's current state.
  9. Kyro

    I'm alone

    Worst, are you serious right now?
  10. They will probably refuse your offer for now at least since for, as far as I know, Russian language isn't going to be implemented to the game any time soon, but wait for the answer.
  11. Kyro


    It was 9000 ;-; How could you forget that?! >.>
  12. Kyro


    I'm just waiting because I don't want myself to be disappointed because I was hyped too much.
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