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  1. Woah yeah! That was a really nice thing in WoW and I think it would be cool here too!
  2. D3dBrain

    Monster book

    I think you are talking about the Wiki
  3. I believe u had to find 7 potions and boots because these are the one of the little obtainable items. The other thing u may get is probably from the boss. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Oh yeah, a fishing system is always important for an RPG game! They can even make contests for fishing the biggest fish!
  5. D3dBrain

    PVE test

    1. There are going to be a lot of monsters, not only chickens 2. The game is going to be an open-world rpg, where we can explore the beautifulness of the nature in Naïca. The last time we were in arena because the devs were testing some things. 3. and 4. I think they haven't said what are we going to test yet. 5. I think it's too early for raids, since there isn't even a party system. 6. I registered too, can't wait to play my second test :3
  6. D3dBrain


    I think it's because there is no game to talk about... ~ Yan
  7. Same as her! They both look cute :3
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