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  1. This poll was created to check a hypothesis.
  2. Brief Context The behaviour of stacking some quests to be completed because the place that the npc to complete them is kinda far, is normal for the player to just wait before going to complete it and first complete other quests in the way and get some new ones in the process, then going for the further one to deliver it and this way optimize your time. That is very natural. The Problem But well, when you have a 10 quests limit you just cannot do this sometimes, I ran into this problem often times when I was playing yesterday, and then I was unable to get more quests and needed to walk great distances without needing just to complete quests before. And i found it a very bad experience. I don't see a good point for limiting the active quests to 10. But I clearly see a bad point of doing that. Solution Raising the quests limit to something like 20 or more. Another way to get rid of this problem is to have an option to disable some quests temporarily so you can accept the other ones and only the active number that limits to 10.
  3. Environment PC / Windows 10 Pro - 64 bits. Resolution: 1920x1080 / Full Screen. Details explained Well, I've got some itens by defeating monsters on Naica, so then, I was like... let's check the Item, is it better than mine that I'm equipped right now? Then the first thing I did was to hover the item and Check its statuses. By the way, I don't know at this moment what are the statuses of my actual item, and moreover which exact part is the item in question. So i ran into two different problems, one is: to remember each statuses of my equipped item, and also to know which part this equipament belongs into my body. Its really bad to have to annotate or remember each of the statuses to check if the item in question is better or not, and even more if the statuses are almost equal with some efforts and weaknesses. So after some time I given up of checking each item statuses because it tooks me a lot of time to do. Suggestion as Improvement There is two approachs to resolve that UX problem, one is simpler that is just showing the equipped item at the same time of hovering the Item of the same type (same body slot) and you can compare its statuses easily by looking each one. Easy solution (side-a-side with equipped of same type) Now the Improved solution (side-a-side with equipped of same type and with status changes)
  4. Environment PC / Windows 10 Pro - 64 bits. Resolution: 1920x1080 / Full Screen. Details explained Well, when I did log in into the game for the first time, I did search for the skills menu and opened them. And then I was lost and confused because I tried twice to drag and drop them to my skills bar as usual and failed. Then I was asking on the global chat "how do I setup my skills" and they said "just drag and drop it" then I realized that the hitbox area of the skill is insanely small, because when you try to click and hold on the exact center of the skill image it works, otherwise it wont. I see that as a big UX problem because the user dont know the hitbox of the skill just by seeing it, and I noted that the same things occur to items and other draggable items. Suggestion as Improvement A increase of the hitbox of the skill till the borders of it, and a hover effect into the whole picture element of the skill will make the user to know that he can interact with that, and when the user start dragging it out, it can left a hole into where it was, making the experience of drag and drop more realist and intuitive. The images below can illustrate the hitbox area actual and the ideal. Hitboxes Draggable Effect Actual: Suggested:
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