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  1. I deleted the game because I could not pick a my avatar in I was in guest mode in I did not like guest mode what dose guest mode even do why is it there I say all players should be in the same mode why cant we pick the avatar we like or why cant we make are avatars I no this game is early access in it's not out and you have to update it but I will download it but tell then I will not play I do have some ideas pets should be in the game I love the the game tho and how it looks its beautiful I do wish I did not have to wait to play tell it's out but I do because I was not able to do anything in guest mode
  2. Moothepug


    How do I get a new character in game
  3. How do I get to be the fox I stared the game as a cat but i want to be the fox how do i do that???
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