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  1. Hi, I wanna show you today something we did some weeks ago. There is still work to do on it but basically trading will be like that (still Work In Progress). You take the items you wish to exchange and put them in your exchange window. Once done, you can confirm the exchange and when both players have done it, the trade proceeds.
  2. Bonjour, Oui la question des familiers/Pets est encore en suspent sur certains points mais ton idée est bonne. Proposer des cométiques différents même sur les familiers qui combattent. Merci pour tes retours très constructifs et ton soutient
  3. Balayne

    Skill Tree

    Hello, Delighted to answer your question, for the rewards of the players who play on the alpha and different tests we will reward them although we do not know the exact reward yet. But rest assured, we keep in list all participating players. Regards
  4. Balayne

    Skill Tree

    Hello, Currently the gif on the site presents only the first 3 tier to illustrate the learning of spells. There is a total of 1 landing per level and from level 5 there are two other lines that are unblocked (you will see very soon more). Which makes a total of 40 talents available for the Beta version of the game. I hope that you are reassured and that I have answered your question, Regards
  5. Buenos dias, La velocidad de movimiento del jugador es actualmente simple. Hay dos tipos de movimiento, caminar y correr, el segundo permite al jugador ir más rápido que el primero. Para poder usar la carrera es necesario que nuestra barra de carreras esté lo suficientemente llena. Esta barra está llena de tiempo más o menos rápido. Es especialmente esta barra la que permitirá al jugador ir más rápido durante más o menos tiempo siguiendo sus estadísticas y sus hechizos. Luego todavía habrá hechizos que permitirán al jugador ir más rápido independientemente de la marcha y la carrera, pero no estarán disponibles al principio. Atentamente
  6. Hi @Krikium ! Thanks for reading this post, this article does not reflect the work done on Naïca but introduces an example of how to solve a problem. Which as mentioned above is no longer relevant in the new versions of unity . Regards
  7. Hi @Push, This is a very good question and we thought about it a lot. In Naïca all the maps will be instantiated to accommodate a maximum of player, nevertheless we will try to gather as much as possible the players by language. So, the more players connected in the same zone, the more they will be grouped by language. This approach allows us to not totally separate the players and allow them to regroup with whom they want. Bes Regards
  8. Balayne


    Hi @Server, In Naïca we will have some PVP areas defined in the open world where players will earn some honors and test his strength against other players, also you will be able to earn it with Battleground and Arena system ;). These points will be spendable in the PVP Shop for lot of item type ;). Best Regards
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