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  1. Join the discord, they frequently upload alpha keys. Catch it on time and maybe you'll get one, you can also sign up with your email and they may send you alpha access. You can also donate a minimum of 3€ (euros) for instant access ----------------- Se unen a la discord, con frecuencia cargan claves Alpha. Cógelo a tiempo y tal vez obtendrás uno, también puedes registrarte con tu correo electrónico y pueden enviarte acceso Alpha. También puede donar un mínimo de 3€ (euros) para el acceso instantáneo
  2. The mini dungeon is in the swamp map, you'd have to go far south to cross to the swamp area where there are lvl 15+ enemies. To get to the mini dungeon keep traveling south you'll find a bridge to another island that has the mini dungeon and the big dungeon that has the boss.
  3. Parece que necesita un ordenador de 64 bits, no creo que se puede ejecutar en las ventanas 7 ya que it's un poco desactualizado. Si no tienes una computadora mejor también puedes usar tu smartphone
  4. Do you have access to the full Alpha? If you do then you would be able to go past lvl 9 definitely, and it isn't too hard to level up, the quests and the enemies your level help you level up faster too. It isn't too grindy. As far as in game money, just collect all the loot and sell them once you're almost full and you'll have more money in no time, though right now the only use of it is to change your appearance and reset your skill. It's a fun game, for an alpha it has a good amount of content, it's worth the play.
  5. Sí, es necesario arrastrar la habilidad a la barra. También puede utilizar el teclado numérico en su computadora portátil para utilizar las habilidades. Ya está listo para usarlo. Puede pulsar tab para seleccionar al enemigo y presionar el teclado numérico para atacar
  6. Hi at the moment it seems the servers are down.. perhaps an update?
  7. My belief is when the game is fully released.
  8. Hi all you have to do is talk to the guard Rico in the home base, he sells potions which you can buy anytime to change your character. You start with enough money to purchase a potion, in case you don't remember the names each potion has a picture of the character. Once you purchase, go to your bag and select the potion and click on the glove. Here are a couple screenshots. Screenshots Hope this helps! -Alpha
  9. I'm sure there would something like this to get to different maps, but inside and around a map I don't think so. It might take out the fun and challenge of traveling!
  10. For the auto loot without looking at inventory, when you collect the loot how about a little notification on the side naming the items you pick up kind of like a chat message, and that fades away in a couple seconds so you don't miss out on what you picked up!
  11. Would it be possible to add titles under our forum accounts? Such as pre-alpha tester, VIP donator, and future titles as well to liven the forums and attract more players to participate possibly? Here are a couple examples I have on another forum I participate in. It would be a cool addition and an added bonus to donation packs too! Screenshots -Alpha
  12. Seems to be a bit of some confusion with donating. The amount for donating is in Euros (€) so there might be a problem converting it with your bank for security issues. I for one live in the US so I was going to pay with US currency ($) and I also ran into a problem, but it was just as simple as calling your bank and letting them know it's you. Your screen might look similar to the screenshots below. All banks are different so they may or may not let you pay without verification first. You can also follow this link here to see how your currency will convert to Euros (€) https://www.bing.com/search?q=euros&PC=U316&FORM=CHROMN Screenshots I hope this helps! -Alpha
  13. Yes contact your bank, I tried donating today considering how much I fell in love with the game but the transaction was not allowed. A simple call to the bank's Fraud department and letting them know you will be paying online will allow you to pay for it no problem. I live in the US so I believe paying in Euros was a bit off a security issue. I made a post about this for clarification
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