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  1. Ayyyyyyyy, that's was exactly what i wanted to know ! thanks for taking your time to reply on this, also sorry @ZeddOTak for not replying earlier, i check this forum from time to time :v
  2. I just wanted to know when since time nowadays is indeed valuable if you're working and i don't wanna lose my progress constantly :v
  3. I greet you my animal warrior friends ! So, i just wanted to ask a quick question, before i start no-life-ing in this game, good that i checked the forums and saw that here is going to be a wipe hehehe... Now, when can we actually start to play care-free without any fear or any future wipes ? i know that it may be way to early to ask since everything is in development, but i would like an estimate at least... since i don't want my free-time to go for nothing Kind Regards everyone !
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