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  1. Worst

    I'm alone

    I do not use Discord daily or at all, I do not know it and no where on forums was it mentioned that other languages are considered. I did not ask for the languages that are listed already on forums. Your argument was quite bad.
  2. This will probably fail and cause more problems than do good for the game or community.
  3. That's cool and congratulations, well deserved, let's hope that the number 0 is added at the end of the next year as well!
  4. Don't understand fully, but I think he asked for Russian language community or something to do with the game around Russian language.
  5. It sounds like an option, yet sometimes it is even necessary for community to be rather global into one world, rather than spread out on different worlds. For the thing you are suggesting, I would rather suggest doing just clan chats or guilds, which are already being implemented into game, which can divide 1-language speaking community, yet not take them out from the player pool.
  6. Worst

    I'm alone

    Are you planning to introduce other languages as well to the forums or in game?
  7. That's strong. Good luck on that, your're heading into the right way!
  8. If it's not in rules, I see no reason why you couldn't.
  9. Will do later. Thanks for information!
  10. I do want to live a new competitive MMORPG game, since pretty much every game has already been played already. This does twinkle my belly, I cannot wait to play something new. And as well, the pixel based art is one of the things that do suggest I would love to play the game, since I love games such as Terraria.
  11. Very cool. Will it be available in other languages too? Is there opportunity to join the improving process of wiki in other languages, if possible?
  12. Lucky you, having access to the game already.
  13. That's awesome! Are you planning to keep it that way as well? If so, how do you plan on maintaining that way? How will you say to people that no, you shall not buy experience or another certain kind of things?
  14. Probably won't happen, because we don't know nothing about game yet. If a guild was made now, no one would join and it would die by the time game had launched.
  15. So does this mean that it is not pay to win?
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