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  1. The characters will also be reseted. And if you already reserved your name by being a donator, it will be reserved for the official release
  2. @Matdu7986 rend toi sur le site https://naicaonline.com, connecte toi et rend toi sur la page https://naicaonline.com/fr/alpha/ pour y rentrer ta clé
  3. Hey, Check this topic https://forums.naicaonline.com/topic/604-news-the-cerulean-forest-is-coming/ you will find the answer. Otherwise ... the servers are down until tomorrow 4:00 pm CET
  4. Roak

    Login error

    Servers are in maintenance until Tuesday 3rd. They are adding the Cerulean forest to the game that's why servers are down. All accounts will be reseted due to this update
  5. Hi ! You cannot start at level 1 right now and cannot change your character except if you buy a potion in game at the camp. Hope it can help you
  6. Are you on iOs ? It seems to be removed on iPhone with the new version. @ZeddOTak will answer you better asap
  7. C'est parce qu'il n'est pas encore disponible sur iOS et Mac. Ils ont un peu de retard avec ces versions là
  8. Hi, It's probably because you must authorize the app. developer on you're phone first then install the apk. You're phone should propose you the option. If not, you should find a way in you're phone settings.
  9. Roak


    The closed alpha will be released on Android and PC first, then on iOS and Mac during November.
  10. Hi, this is @ZeddOTak's answer a few months ago in this post, I hope it will answer your question. https://forums.naicaonline.com/topic/92-character-design/
  11. Pour ceux qui ne l'auraient pas vu sur Discord, les mails pour l'alpha fermée seront envoyés lundi prochain (le 23). Que le sort soit avec vous
  12. Hey, The server is still on, check on this link -> https://discord.gg/cTzG2xT
  13. Hey, You can find an answer from @Balayne in this post https://forums.naicaonline.com/topic/67-about-the-future-of-naica-servers/. Hope it can help
  14. Hi Fox, In a first place Naïca will be released in english, french, spanish and portuguese. The team will work on other languages later as @ZeddOTak said on this post
  15. Roak


    You've seen 400 slots but it's not for the pre-alpha it's for the PVE test next friday ... I guess, a lot more slots will be available for the pre-alpha
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