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  1. Lismo

    Classes e Habilidades

    Confirmado? Onde?
  2. Lismo

    Rivers and Boats

    So, I saw this images that Sol posted: And it is the forest of Lazul, and there is some rivers in it. I know it is just some sketches, but I think it would be neat to have rivers, and having means of transportation trough it. No need for fancy stuff, if need to throw a log or something into the water to float up, and it gets used every time, it would still be neat. Of course, not expecting to have this straight out on the launch of the game. But please consider this.
  3. Lismo


    Oh, and about the alpha, don't worry, there won't even be a chance of that happening. Players will be given access sporadically, so there won't be any chance of 40.000 people joining the alpha... As it says, it is a closed alpha, and most of the players probably won't have access to it.
  4. Lismo


    First, pre-alpha, is the things that come before the alpha, like the PvE test on friday. About the server, even if they can fit more people, they won't do it, because is hard to manage that. The tests are small because it is easy to identify bugs this way.
  5. Lismo

    Character Design

    There is only 2 genders, the rest is gender identity.
  6. Lismo

    Questions about the game.

    First, it is pre-alpha tests. And PvE is no more different than your standard killing chicken actions. So, yes, I would say PvE was tested. As for the guilds, it is really difficult to tell these details right now, this is something you should probably be addressing when a beta version comes out.
  7. Lismo

    ¿Velocidad de movimiento?

    Those questions can't be answered right now, and I'm almost sure that these stuff will be posted in DevBlogs.
  8. Lismo

    Version de Android

  9. Lismo

    Fat Frogman

    I like the name.
  10. Lismo

    What will be you character ?

    Some kind of Rogue Azralian.
  11. Lismo

    [PC] Bug with the Preview option.

    This program is buggy and difficult to use, it's not your fault.
  12. Tem um post em DevBlogs que fala sobre isso, recomendo que leiam.
  13. Lismo

    Tera Master Wipe?

    Todos os jogadores serão resetados, seja em alpha ou beta. E, em pre-alpha são testes de 1 hora, e você nunca vai ter nada, porque o sistema de logins ainda não foi implementado.
  14. Lismo

    Penalización para el pk nub

    Hi, I do not speak Spanish but I can understand more or less what you mean. PvP will be limited to Arena, Battlegrounds and some PvE areas, a warning that pops up when you are about to enter a open PvP area would resolve that, like: "You are about to enter a open PvP area! Do you want that? Yes. No. (confirmation box)". Sorry for writing this in English.