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  1. have you tried to change them in-game?
  2. also posting twice wont help
  3. Are you sure there's money on the card you're trying to use? had the same issue with mine, turned out i had just forgot to add money.
  4. i also like the suggestion "R-Click mouse on floor to move;", like most games, you're able to r-click to move. Would love to see this happen.
  5. like race traits from WoW? I like it!
  6. i agree, also the cost to repair your items early-game is quite costly too imo
  7. and not only do devs help answer questions, but also some knowledgable members answer just the same!
  8. SamIsFab


  9. It's fun, it's different and i absolutely love 2d-pixel games!! The community is also great, which plays a big part in it for me
  10. Really proud of you guys for how far you've all come, keep up the great work!! Will try and save up, because that cosmetic armour set looks sweeeett!!
  11. The servers are currently down and have been for several hours now. - servers are now back up!
  12. Which hero would you choose, and why? For me it has to be the Azralians as it looks a lot like my kitten
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