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  1. I'll at best strikethrough what has already been addressed, also, frameskips are called Off-cooldowns and are an actual feature, idk why it "does not fit Naica" as it is an mmorpg and its as common as walking forward, but it was just an example to make the skills clearer, at it is right now, everything "looks" like offcooldowns ("frameskips").
  2. Here is my feedback to what I've seen so far: COMBAT: I've just started Naica as a "melee" and as a player of some of the most popular MMos like WoW and FFXIV, there is something on the skills cooldowns that could be added/addressed, to make combat more clear. (I'd like to have the option to change class easier, since this is an alpha for feedback; everything costs too much.) In FFXIV for example, the global cooldowns, are all greyed out, once they are on the cooldown, so you now that you cannot use GCDs for "x" seconds, and some GCDs will reset the timer faster than others. Some skills can be cast faster than others - but you cannot "interrupt" the animation (that would be OCD), so greyeing them out, would still help, to know when you can use the next skill, FFXIV does it by making the skills spin, some will make the GCD "spin" faster than others. That sounds very confusing, so here is an example: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Global_Cool_Down http://i.imgur.com/v40r9aW.png From its current state, one can assume that everything is spammable, when it is not. CONCLUSION: An easy fix to that, would be, while another skill is being used, all the others that cannot be used whilst the action is happening, is to grey them out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INVENTORY/SHOPS: Add a scroll to it; Might be from my end, but I cannot use my mouse scroll, having to hold down Mouse1 and pull up/down is not intuitive. CONCLUSION: Scrollbars to inventories. Item 1? How are potions supposed to be used? Not in combat? Might be me just being a noob, but how do we even use potions in combat? Are they not supposed to be used? I can't drag a potion to the action bar, and using them in combat by clicking, clicking, will definitely hurt my DPS and I might die before I can even use it by clicking them from the inventory. CONCLUSION: Allow us to drag it to the action bar? or is it a bug from my end? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EQUIPMENT BREAKING: We could have a warning that "X" equipment is about to break. CONCLUSION: A small image on the corner of the equipment that is about to break, by highlightening it in red? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TUTORIAL: I am reading a lot of, probably newbies to mmorpgs asking "how to attack" on the world chat. I am not sure if they skipped something? I couldn't figure out how to delete my character to start over and check on some things, but we could have maybe, dummies on the starting area and a tutorial with rewards, to encourage them to actually read and get their learning. CONCLUSION: I don't think that this is a must, but could stop them from asking "how to attack". We could have a "sort" button. Some "trash" look like armor or potions; pretty small change, but its just quality of life. CONCLUSION: Once you press the "Sort" button, your inventory will be automatically organized by: Potions > Armor > "Trash"; Add scrollbars to inventories, shops etc. MONSTERS LOOT: Add a "take all" button to pick up all the trash instead of clicking one by one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do intend to add more as I play, again these are just suggestions to make one's life easier, do we need it? I don't know, its up to the devs on what they want us to experience the game, so yuh.
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