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  1. I love being able to try new builds and just bounce back and forth to different things so that i don't get too bored of always taking one role in an activity, so when I saw that the Talisman of Oblivion was 12000cc i was a little upset. It made me feel like i was going to have to dedicate to one build (or role), or otherwise be punished for putting a skill point into the wrong ability, either by accident or just to test it. my different ideas for skill point reset are as such 1. Start off relatively low (1000cc) and each time you reset you increase the price by a certain amount (500cc) 2. Just lower the price from 12000cc to maybe 3000cc 3. Make the Talisman of Oblivion a reward from certain quests or maybe a level up reward every 5 or 10 levels It would also be nice if you made a button in the skills page to reset your skill points for a price instead of having to go buy a item from a NPC I understand if the price is just a place holder for the alpha and it is intended to be changed later on, but these are just some ideas.
  2. This is a great idea but the devs would have to be careful if they added special skills to try to avoid overuse of certain races just because it too greatly outweighs other's bonus skills, thus forcing certain builds for certain roles. The idea of the skills is to be able to make your own unique build after all. And of course people are going to use certain builds for certain roles but there shouldn't be any build that can take up all roles better than a build that specializes in one.
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