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  1. That's what I mean, maybe there should be a different drop rate for dungeon bosses. Just a thought.
  2. arkadia

    Skill Tree

    First I tried archer but had absolutely no luck. Then went warrior, it's great for grinding but not so good pvp, you tend to run out of mana in long fights. Then went with a mixed take, with mage path until venom skill (strykin? I can't remember it's name) then tornado of swords and group healing. It's great for pve. This gives you a lot more of tools, both ranged and close combat. Dilbert do you have the last healing skill? The one that says TEXT ERROR? do you know what it does?
  3. I think the drop rates of not-dungeon items is still high. I have a ton of spare equipment just by grinding grubs while I walk. But the dungeon drop rate is too low. Maybe now that there aren't many players it's more difficult to get five for a dungeon, let alone Six or ten runs for a single piece of equipment that may not even suit your build. Maybe when the game actually gets in the open It will be a lot easier to do dungeon runs. Just my point of view.
  4. I don't know if I should make a new topic or adress things about this update here: - Drop rate: Maybe it went TOO low. I did 6 consecutive runs on Pupuce, only 1 drop. Did A LOT of mini dungeons in a week, only 2 equip drops and absolutely no potions. And being o'barr items untradeable it gets really frustrating. Also on dungeon sugestions: - Shouldn't pupuce steak and tentacles be worth more than 1cc in the shop? after all they're a lot more difficult to get than say, pungi pieces. - Also Pupuce isn't granting a lot of xp, I've been stuck in lvl 22 for almost a week and I grind a lot.
  5. Hello! Loving naïca so far! I love how devs are quickly implementing positives changes and updating the game. I know it must be a really huge and gruesome thing to tackle, but maybe in the future the possibility of adding an auction house or trade hub would be great. For example I'm looking for armor and helm of o barr because it's really difficult to get 5 players to get to the dungeon (and now it's more difficult because everyone is doing the mini dungeon). I have lots of epic weapons that I wish to trade for them but sadly I must go around running and spamming in chat if someone wants to trade. Super annoying. Si in the future maybe an auction house or a trade hub (where you can "deposit" your item and choose the criteria of the item you're looking for with simple selections) and when someone has an item that fulfills that criteria It can be exchanged automatically and sent to your bag. Maybe you can click checkboxes or categories For example Looking for: Armor/bow/orb/sword/amulet/etc... Common/uncommon/rare/etc Dex: any Int: 40-55 Str: 60-100 And so on.
  6. Hello! just installed Naïca yesterday, and I noticed that when building a character there's no visual way to distinguish between active skills and passive bonuses in the skill tree. You have just to asume which of them is an ability and which of them a bonus of some sort. Maybe a different frame or just the text "ACTIVE SKILL" in the description would be fine!
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