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  1. Hey everyone! With the Closed Alpha release we almost forgot to keep this thread up to date! But have no fear! Here are some screenshots of the Cerulean Forest we are actually working on! Here you can see the Lumberjack's house who is the first NPC you will encounter at the entrance of the Cerulean Forest! As you may know, Naïca is home to the cults of Naïde and Icaon and here is a shrine of the latter one. You will discover these shrines all across Lazul waiting for you to find them! The landscape will also be quite different and more diverse than the swamp are. New area of course means new camp! Here is a glimpse of what the camps of the Cerulean forest might look like... On the left you can see the statue of one Lazul's legendary heroes. You will find few of them along the way! All these screenshots are still Work In Progress as the Cerulean Forest is a much wider area than the Swamp and we still need some time to refine it! That's it for today, we are still busy fixing and designing the game at the same time but we will keep you up to dat with the devellopment of the game in the coming months! Thanks again for your support and I hope to see you all soon in Naïca!
  2. Hi everyone ! I'm Sol and I work as Level Designer on Naïca. Today I wanted to show you a tool I am using on a daily basis. We call it the Magic Tile. It was designed for Unity by the dev team to allow me to create various grounds on a large scale. The tool calculates the position of every tiles within the area I'm drawing and links the appropriate sprite to each of these tiles. Here on this example I am using the "Paint with a filled box" tool of my Tile Palette with the Magic Tile selected. That specific tile is even more special as it uses a 5*5 tile set as reference, allowing me to draw multiple levels of ground at once. By just erasing the middle section it draws the inner section and by adding more filled boxes to the sides it draws the outter section. That's all for today !
  3. Hey there! We're busy setting everything up for the next test but I thought I'd share a little something with you! I just recently added a new fog animation on the map. It is still a work in progress so it might not be the final design. The first one you can see is at the very beginning of the map we set for the test. The second one is located at the edge, leading to the real troubles awaiting you in the future test!
  4. Hey everyone ! I've been doing some research sketches for the forest of Lazul these last few days ! Here are two drawings regarding this area !
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