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  1. I agree with your idea. Implementing equipment with different STATs for PVP is essential. Also to make it more fun, you could add "runes", runes with additional STATs to be combined with those of weapons and armor. 5% bleeding 10% stunning stun resistance 10% increase in ATK SPEED
  2. I think it would be useful to introduce a small quest window, so as to keep them always in view. The window would have a button to be reduced, and a button to open the quest page. This system is in all mmorpg, can not miss the window could be like this: it is usually present under the minimap, but could be made movable:
  3. I love the idea of being able to fish in the game. Maybe with the introduction of crafting, with fish-based foods. Perhaps with a fish-based food, increase the INT for a few minutes. Maybe even add rare treasures that can only be found by fishing.
  4. As I played, I left a quest aside. After several hours I completed it, I had forgotten who had given it to me, and therefore to whom I had to deliver it. Why not add small icons with the npc faces that give the quest? I made these small examples:
  5. Hey, When I try to sell more units of the same item (by clicking on the arrow next to x1) it doesn't increase the salable items. When I sell an item by mistake I can't close the confirmation window. I found this problem in the PC version.
  6. Oh thanks, now I will no longer have to close and reopen
  7. Hi, i'm a new player After a few minutes of play, or after sometimes opening the menu, the aforementioned disappears, remaining empty I have to open and close the game every time. Good game development I have a lot of hope for this game.
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