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  1. Thank you! I tried to come up with lighthearted moment to depict all five races, I hope your comment means I made it. Beers up, shatter slam
  2. @Kai It is! In one way or another, the list and my interest in this game intertwined. Beers up, shatter slam
  3. Trying to put all the five races together in one pic is hard... Beers up, shatter slam.
  4. I plan to play as Denelites. Because I don't drink. Sorry for poor colouring :S See you soon, Naica! Here's hoping I got selected randomly XS Beers up, shatter slam.
  5. Zack


    I have never really hooked for long with any pixel game, I much prefer something like Wakfu and Dofus' 2D artstyle. But one day I stumbled upon Warspear and liked it very much. However, because the gameplay is very restrictive, I abandoned it after playing it for awhile. I've just discovered Naica few moments ago, look I don't know much about it as of now, but I want to say I've finally found a pixel MMO truly worth playing. French people always amaze me. Beers up, shatter slam.
  6. 1. MY MOM 2. MY SISTERS 3. MY DAD 4. MY BESTFRIENDS 5. THE ELDERS 6. Green Day 7. 2D Art 8. 2D Pixel Art 9. Searching and dying for newly birthed MMO 10. 2D MMORPG 11. French wonderfolks 12. Ed Sheeran 13. Ariana Grande 14. Justin Bieber 15. Taylor Swift 16. Millineums of researches on why the chickens crossing the road 17. RPG Maker 18. Game development 19. MMO Gaming 20. My Chemical Romance 21. One Piece 22. Naruto 23. Bleach 24. RWBY 25. High School of the Dead 26. Fantasy writing 27. Drawing and illustration 28. Songwriting
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