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  1. ZeddOTak


    Of course it matters that you signed up, otherwise you have 0 chance to participate to the closed Alpha, nor the tests! Understand that we need to stabilize our game & servers before we make it available to ten of thousands of people, or the experience would be terrible. Time is a friend!
  2. ZeddOTak


    Players will be choosen at random for the closed Alpha. As for the tests, you just have to register when it is announced!
  3. ZeddOTak


    Have you read this DevBlog? Because it answers your question.
  4. ZeddOTak


    Guilds will be available during the closed Alpha but maybe not at launch. As of the capacity, we'll keep you updated!
  5. ZeddOTak


    As Lismo perfectly stated, we will have a certain control over the number of players for the closed Alpha so it will be easier to manage. The number of access is not known at the moment, we will send keys regularly and we do not want 100k+ players coming on day 1 on the servers because they will crash & burn.
  6. Perdeu o nosso primeiro DevStream ontem? O replay está disponível em nosso canal no YouTube: Assista e descubra a jogabilidade do nosso novo teste de PvE!
  7. ¿Te perdiste nuestra primera retransmisión de desarrolladores de ayer? La repetición está disponible en nuestro canal de Youtube: ¡Míranos en cámara y descubre la jugabilidad de Naïca haciendo pruebas en PvE!
  8. Vous avez raté notre premier DevStream qui était hier ? Le replay est disponible sur notre chaîne YouTube : Voyez nous devant la caméra et découvrez le premier gameplay de notre nouveau test PvE !
  9. Did you miss our first DevStream yesterday? The replay is available on our YouTube channel: Watch us on camera and discover the first gameplay of our new PvE test!
  10. ZeddOTak

    [DevStream] Retours et critiques

    Merci pour ton retour ultra construit, ça fait plaisir ! Bonne idée pour les pets/skins, grosso modo je pense que @Balayneavait ça en tête ! On a déjà quelques idées pour améliorer la qualité du stream PS : Héhé Diablo Immortals
  11. ZeddOTak

    Finnish translation

    Thank you but as I explained in the other topics, we will look into other languages once Naïca is fully available in french, english, spanish and portuguese. No need to suggest your help at the moment, it is way too soon I lock the topic!
  12. ZeddOTak

    Gremios en el juego

    Thank you for your suggestion! As you pointed out, if we add features like these it won't be during the Alpha but most probably later. Also it may not be extremely easy to create/add these features but keep having good ideas
  13. ZeddOTak

    Version de Android

    At the moment you need at least Android 5.0.
  14. ZeddOTak

    Questions about the game.

    - Too soon to tell about the Guilds, we will be working on them shortly - Yes we've mostly done PvP tests but as Lismo pointed out, players were able to fight chickens (and the infamous Black Chicken) - All of our videos have been uploaded on YouTube, as well as players' videos One thing I could tell you though, is come on friday for the DevStream
  15. Assista ao vivo o nosso primeiro DevStream na sexta-feira 18 às 19:00 CET! Live : twitch.tv/naicaonline Falaremos em inglês com nosso lindo sotaque francês e teremos algumas surpresas para você... Vejo você na sexta-feira!