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  1. Le bouton de tri pour ranger tous les objets est une bonne idée ! L'inventaire gardera très probablement un seul onglet par contre.
  2. Ce type de fonctionnalité est prévu
  3. Ça pourrait être bien pratique oui !
  4. ¡Oye! Para hablar con un personaje, debes hacer clic en él. En cuanto a los controles, puede cambiarlos en Menu → Options :)
  5. Sí, puede en la PC: son los elementos 1 a 5 en el menú de teclas de acceso rápido
  6. Does your email have an uppercase in the game? If yes, use a lowercase instead please.
  7. Moved to Game Discussion. This is the same issue:
  8. How would it differ from the current state of the channels? Players are already asking questions on #general-discussion, would it be some place to have all questions in one place?
  9. Moved to Game Discussion. This issue has been spotted a few days ago and we are aware of it. Check the Dev Tracker: https://trello.com/b/17gJjNAy/naicaonline-tracker We are currently working on it
  10. Could you send me your email address in DM please? The iOS/Mac versions will be available this month
  11. Both options are valid. Since the purpose of the closed Alpha is for us to get as much feedback as we can, we need you to test as much things as you can. We will lower the price of the Talisman in order to let players try all the things they want to do in the closed Alpha. Of course, this will change for the open Beta (and probably in the coming months too)!
  12. Yes that's exactly the kind of things we want to avoid. Naïca's motto is "Your character, your choices" so if we force players into choosing a type of race for a specific type of build, it's not exactly that anymore. It is uneasy to do, but we will find a way!
  13. Good idea Will Naïca have robot monsters? Good question...
  14. Hey, are you playing on mobile or PC? Did you try to change your connection (Public WIFI → 4G, WIFI → cable, etc...)?
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