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  1. Hello guys, I just read how the Skill Points should work on the main web page and I see that you should receive 1 skill point per level. I started from level 15 with less points than 14 and now i'm lv 17 but I didn't receive another 2. It's that a bug or this system works in another way?
  2. Don't worry guys. For now, it's just the Alpha version and it's normal to be some problemes. That's the point in Alpha, to find all the bugs and solve them. Also, I think some screenshots with the problem will help out more the devs.
  3. Hello, Just write your nickname in another text box of another app, even the search bar of the Google Chrome and then copy+paste it. I had the same problem but you can do this and works just fine.
  4. Best 30 Euro that I've spend. I'm so excited to play this game.
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