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  1. I hope whey do not add a way to "frame skip" as you describe above. It does not fit Naica. They are going to add a sort button a loot all option and actual character creation. If you did not notice you are starting at lvl 15 so any tutorials, besides the youtube official ones, will be at actual start. Equipment only takes damage when you die. Potions can be added to the item bar but it is bugged atm on PC, they are working on a fix.
  2. They are aware and working on it. https://trello.com/b/17gJjNAy/naicaonline-tracker
  3. You can make 100k(100000)cc in 2-4 hours easily with the current drop rate. I hope that the skill reset is removed after testing phases are complete. In the least, skill points should be only be able to be reset up to lvl 10ish then you are locked in to the build you start.
  4. that is the way it works at the moment. can buy a potion to change race if you want.
  5. DilBert

    Skill Tree

    It increases mana by 20
  6. Pupuce is lvl 19 he is not supposed to give a lvl 22(in a party so xp is split) alot of xp. lvl 19 mater shrooms on the map is what you should be grinding up to lvl 23 then the mini dungeon. at lvl 23 the main dungeon will give you 0xp until they make it dynamic like the mini. If the drop rate were any higher with the current gear prices I could make even more o f a mint of in game currency. I can make between 80-100k a day as it is with not much effort.
  7. O barr items can not be traded. that is what the little lock symbol means.
  8. DilBert

    Skill Tree

    yes, once you open a rank in any skill tree you can pick a skill from another skill tree in the same rank. once you unlock slit throat(rank 5 war) you can then next skill point get flash heal(rank 5 heal)
  9. there are shortcuts for everything. k for skills m for map l for quests i for inventory. skill points are every 3 lvls. 3,6,9 etc. click the glove to equip new gear. drag and drop potions to right skill bar. dex affect hit rate and crit rate. mage is better single target dps. not really for aoe grinding. you can use mage and warrior skills both for more aoe skills. that the beauty of the skill system set up. no one can choose race atm when you make a character. can buy race change potions from npc.
  10. DilBert

    Skill points

    it is every 3 lvls. 3,6,9 etc.
  11. have to download newest version.
  12. Yes it can happen with any drop, elites, crowns, normal and even dungeon boss.
  13. got repair mechant. npc with 2 wrenches like an x above his head
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