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  1. Yes it can happen with any drop, elites, crowns, normal and even dungeon boss.
  2. got repair mechant. npc with 2 wrenches like an x above his head
  3. you have all 3 and all other gear when you start.
  4. It is better that everyone gets a chance to run the dungeon than it is to have elitist running it only with their "group". It is intended to be as it is now so everyone gets a chance.
  5. Agree with Reeser, with the mobs. Pupuce may be a little difficult for lvl 18-20 players. might need a 5%ish dmg reduction for the intended lvl range.
  6. I disagree, if they are going to have a pvp modifier then they can not have similar stats to pve gear, if they do they become the meta gear to have. For example if pvp gear were to give a 5% dmg or defense against players then the stats need to be 3% less than the dungeon/pve gear. Pvp set should be good for pvp and pve gear good for pve.
  7. Can not have different features for mobile and PC for combat since they are cross platform.
  8. just press esc and the menu will show up. they are aware and working on a fix but for now there is no need to close the game.
  9. Have to take into consideration that this dungeon is just lvling and gearing content. lvl 18-20 max is who will be running it at release. It should be easy content for lvl 22-23+ because they will be moved on. If you make it a challenge for them the 18-20s will have to lvl up to 22-23+ instead of going to next area. This dungeon is not endgame content and can not be treated as such.
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