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  1. Have to wait for Zedd to fix that. Sorry I could not help more.
  2. same account as main site, not the forum site(forum has separate login)? If you goto https://naicaonline.com/en/alpha/ it should say you alpha access just under the ios download link
  3. all you have to do now is log into game with same account you purchased the above on.
  4. Not sure what can be done at the moment but you will get your reserved name on release. Everything now will be wiped many times may be the reason the reserve is not activated. It also states that all your purchases will be available upon release of the game and not during any of the testing phases.
  5. You can only log in at the moment if you have alpha access. If not you have to use the guest feature.
  6. Contact your bank. They are the ones declining.
  7. you have to donate, grab a key from one of the social media posts, or wait for an invite in your email.
  8. I hope whey do not add a way to "frame skip" as you describe above. It does not fit Naica. They are going to add a sort button a loot all option and actual character creation. If you did not notice you are starting at lvl 15 so any tutorials, besides the youtube official ones, will be at actual start. Equipment only takes damage when you die. Potions can be added to the item bar but it is bugged atm on PC, they are working on a fix.
  9. They are aware and working on it. https://trello.com/b/17gJjNAy/naicaonline-tracker
  10. You can make 100k(100000)cc in 2-4 hours easily with the current drop rate. I hope that the skill reset is removed after testing phases are complete. In the least, skill points should be only be able to be reset up to lvl 10ish then you are locked in to the build you start.
  11. that is the way it works at the moment. can buy a potion to change race if you want.
  12. DilBert

    Skill Tree

    It increases mana by 20
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