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  1. Instagram haha Damn logger caught my eye ?
  2. I love mmorpg games and this looks pretty good its simple nothing way to crazy like other games are + i love terraria and Ultima online, so il feel right at home with the pixel art + its a new mmo ofc im going to try it haha
  3. MASTERY220


    Describe your suggestion in the title: Be concise but be precise. Ability to win at events /craft, cosmetic items that you can apply on weapons/armor(Mostly end game) Example: Normal wood sword+icy aspect=a wooden sword that has snow particles or looks different Or actually being able to add the sed aspect to the weapon giving it an ability Example: Normal wooden sword+ icy aspect=Icy wooden sword of chilling, effect( slows target for 30%) As for the armors it could just change how it looks or it can add resist
  4. 100% Vulpian fox is my favorite animal and my nickname is foxy haha
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