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  1. Trying to donate but I guess my info I put when asked about donation wasnt the same as my card info. How can I change that? It doesnt give me an option and I assume keeps trying to use incorrect address.
  2. I know theres plenty of time to go before release, but I have an idea about color customization. Maybe there could be certain color palettes for people who donated before release to use on gear and characters. I could also see it being really cool if certain events/achievements gave you the option to pick between maybe 2 or 3 colors with the choice being irreversible. It could give players a chance to be different and know that not every color would be available to them so they'd have to pick wisely. Maybe even in app purchases of certain colors for an income boost. (Excluding event/achievement based colors) I tried to find similar topics about this, but I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. Theres tons of opportunity for character and gear customization that I thought I'd at least post this before I forgot about it. Lemme know your thoughts!
  3. maniaC

    PVE or PVP

    PvE sounds like what I'd be interested in the most. But I guess if there's a really good PvP system I'd probably go hard in that too.
  4. Wow I really liked everything I saw in here. I am not very artistic but I'd love to learn to do these kind of things. Keep it up. Would love to see more.
  5. I'm just hoping melee characters wont be at a massive disadvantage against range/mage. I wanna be a high damage sword user.
  6. Definitely Ophimanders or Cerbalis for me. Both seem cool.
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