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  1. I v played a lot of mmorpg and one of the main problems is that cities are not alive, they are juste a group of houses without any animations. In naica i would like to have tiny animations like: Waves on the water The wind on the grass Birds flying around a tree With a beautifull music it would create a wonderfull ambience
  2. A fishing system will be a really good thing, i love the idea to have fishing tournaments
  3. I thing a boat system will be a good idea. My idea is to add a "fast travel", city could be connect by rivers. A NPC will be near to a river (river will go acros the city) and we would speak to him to travel around the map, we unlock the traveling spot by speaking to the NPC firts. With this system somse city could be connected and some not, city A could be connected to city B but not with city C so we will have to walk sometimes
  4. yeah , thats kinda cool. I'm just afraid that the crafting system won't be that important , i'v played many mmorpg (eso wow aion tera ff14 dofus wakfu ...) and the looting system is the center of the economy, i agree that looting a rare item is good, but, being able to improve the statistics of this item by crafting will be a good compromise ^^
  5. I got an idea for a great crafting system 1:All the items should be crafted 2:These items will have statistics that will change our damages 3:These items will have intervals for all the statistics. For exemple:a hat will give between 10 and 15 hp. With this system people will also focus on the jobs and an item with the perfect stats will be really expensive ^^ so there will be a good economy and people won't juste farm the dungeon to have stuff
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