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  1. I don't think you can get Cube World anymore, just cracked :)) Realm of the mad God sounds fun, i'll check it out as well.
  2. No one really knows, we are waiting for the alpha. You will get an email when it's set, probably, if you signed up for it.
  3. @Petko Thanks, in the video from the pre-alpha there was the user interface for mobile and @ZeddOTak said there is no user interface for pc that's why i asked.
  4. Not soon i think, they cough with the light novel and they need to wait. Might be 2021, that's what i heard. Or they will deviate from the story and do it them selves which is unlikely. But we might get an 24 ep season (i think this is speculation, not sure).
  5. After a hole month without facebook (like it always happens) I was bored and I thought about looking at the notifications and mesages and saw the add
  6. probably the name i have here or _gReeD, but they don't really suit the teme of the game and the world, so i'll think about another one
  7. Overlord is grate, i did not read the light novel tho, just seen the anime. Also, i'm interested in a new and exciteing mmo.
  8. 6/10 don't wanna be overhyped
  9. so is thare a playable version of the game on pc? at least thare will be untill the alpha?
  10. Idk, Ophimander or Azralians
  11. I have a question, will thare be any shield or some kind of buble spell? That would also be a nice adition. Also customizing at least the shield would be cool (I mean do a drowing on it) like in minecraft, that would also be good for guilds because they can do the emblem on them. I don't think the map will be that big in order to add towns that any guild can fight for and capture it, but it would be cool. Edit: Another question I don't think it's a good one but well: will you be able to kill npcs or at least try it? I don't think it's good because if you kill a inportant npc for a quest that would make you and other people unable to do the quest, it's just a thought tho.
  12. I've watched the video on the pre-alpha and I think the combat needs to be more fast and maybe add a dash or a roll, it would make it more challanging and fun. Best of luck in developing the game!
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