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  1. I cannot wait! Just so I'm understanding correctly. If we have donated we are guaranteed a spot? And I'm assuming it's wave invites right? I'm so hyped to get into the world of Naica let's go!
  2. Oscar


    Bro, looking at this post makes me so hyped for the game. If the devs could put something similar like this would put naica in my favorite mobile games Sick concept @Wall
  3. I've seen this before in other mmo's but t can get dangerous if it turns into micro-transactions. I don't think that naica willl do to that but we can't say that that kind on stuff doesn't happen
  4. Oscar

    chat system?

    Yeah, that's a good point I didn't think about crowding smaller screens. Maybe a "text will fade option" kinda thing
  5. Oscar

    chat system?

    I would hope that we have the typical open world chat system with the standard guild, party and world chat. I'm wouldn't be surprised if they did something creative though! I know alot of work has been done in similar areas
  6. Oscar


    @ZeddOTak from what i gathered from his question i think he was asking how our character will develop through adventures. For example the destiny franchise uses a system called light with will level you up to a max of 30 or 50 depending on which one game. I would assume that it would be the typical mmo route of linear progression that requires more xp as you move on, please correct me if im wrong. - Ya Boi Flex
  7. Haha yeah that's a good idea, i don't like it when my username looks all wonky
  8. A fast travel system would make the game a lot less tedious saving time for our valuable adventures
  9. This is a sweat concept hope it finds some sort of light in the game !
  10. Just bought the VIPack lets go bois!
  11. enfin, je suis tres entiche avec l'idee de cette nouveux voyage qui nous attend!!
  12. J'ai plusque mille heure dans GTA V. C'est une de mais jeux favorite. Moi et @Jigoku etait passioner avec Growtopia aussi. Une des meilleur jeux sur la App Store!
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