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  1. J'ai plusque mille heure dans GTA V. C'est une de mais jeux favorite. Moi et @Jigoku etait passioner avec Growtopia aussi. Une des meilleur jeux sur la App Store!
  2. Flex

    PVE or PVP

    Squad you already know
  3. Flex

    Mentor-ship Quest

    Yes, Someone with more skill and or experience to carry you through a raid.
  4. Flex

    Guild - Members

    Sweet idea I can see how this would help the Environment of Guilds!!
  5. Flex

    Boss Fights

    Hello, I was going through my old MMO Games and I found Guild Wars 2. For anyone who is familiar with the game They could tell you that one of the main attributes of the game was the large community and expansive open-world. The coolest feature in my opinion of GW2 were the open world boss fights. These giant battles were open to the server at a set time every week. There would be upwards of 20 people at one location waiting to defeat the boss and claim Event specific loot. I hope somekind of feature like this gets implemented into Naïca. Because, the chance of getting high their loot gave you a status in the community. People see your armor for example and say "To, that guy did the Boss fight that looks sick!" Potentially creating new alliances. I think this feature could only improve the state of Naïca. I believe that it could definitely boost player base for more hardcore fans. Sauce some Feedback! -Flex- P.S This is a similar idea to @aidentwosoulsrandom events (I didn't see his post earlier when I made mine so credit to him for the same idea )
  6. Flex

    Land Sharing

    @Jigoku I agree completely
  7. Flex

    Friend Directory

    Yeah, exactly it would support the players that are getting started or who don't get involved with guilds
  8. I agree, The more events that we can participate in, around the world of Naica the more dynamic and fun the community will be.
  9. Hey All, I'm sure this feature will be in the game. I am thinking about what the developers could do so that we have an easy way to communicate and get in touch with Guild members without being in the immediate area. I can't tell you how many games I've played that claim to be multiplayer games that don't allow you to get in touch with friends. What I am recommending is that we have some sort of note board for when the player logs back into the game they will have an invoice or sorts waiting for them in a mail tab. For example say @Jigoku left me some items or whatever the case would be it would let me know that he had done something and what time it was done, where etc... Please let me know how you feel about this. Thanks, Flex
  10. I'm really, hope this is a mechanic that becomes a reality as it would create less crowded areas!
  11. Flex

    Land Sharing

    An idea that came to mind for the Open world in Naica is land sharing. Land Sharing is a way to claim a territory or place for your clan, sort of like factions but the catch would be that you could set up moderators for that space depending on how big of an influence you have. Of course, this would be needed to be tuned so that people aren't claiming massive amounts of areas. In other games that I have played, there have been items called World Locks that could be sold with the use of a key to give someone else complete ownership. These locks gave the owner the ability to claim a portion of land for whatever purpose they may have. This could lay the foundation for community-owned vendor shops to sell merchandise and items that the player had collected. This is one of my ideas that could help the player base expand in other ways than just looting and gearing up. This way people could have a property market that buyer could invest in.
  12. In combat, A cool features to implement would be a combo mode. For lining up long string attacks to lock enemies. Of course it would be on some sort of stamina bar.This would make for some good plays in battle. Let me know your thoughts Flex
  13. Aswell as some things could be used for trading and blacksmithing to increase effectiveness in other attributes
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