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  1. Hey guys,

    I let my friend play Naica yesterday and I’m happy he enjoyed it.

  2. Kai


    Hey players, I am currently unable to use the WA keys out of the WASD. WA keys were some reason set to QZ which I can’t change. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks, Kai (Later): I'm actually just not smart. Thanks to Botx I figured it out.
  3. Kai


    Although I am not 100% certain, I'm pretty sure the Closed-Alpha will be released for PC and Android. iOS should be in the works from what I understand.
  4. Yes for sure! Other players and myself have already started planning for guilds. You are welcome to join us!
  5. This is very useful, exactly what I needed to read.
  6. My thoughts exactly, hope to see you in Lazul!
  7. Hey players, I know that players will be able to customize the gear that they choose to wear but I was wondering if we would be able to customize the physical look of our race (such as hair colour, skin tone, eye clolour). I'm assuming that was the plan but most likely not for the Closed Alpha. If anyone could fill me in that would be great. Thanks, -Kai
  8. Hello players!

    As the Closed-Alpha gets closer the more I'm excited. I have a rather big change to announce, I have changed my display name from "Jigoku" to "Kai". The reason being is because I did not think of the name Jigoku it was actually the name of one of my close friends in another game and I loved it, however, I am going to be me now. I am reborn as Kai haha. I just thought it was something everyone should know so they don't get confused.

    See you guys soon,

    -Jig....oops I mean Kai

    1. Oscar


      Sick bro


    2. Kai


      I see you had a name change also.

  9. Kai

    Closed Alpha

    Hey guys, I just noticed that the Closed Alpha is being released on September 24th. I'm more then excited, how about you?
  10. I'd like to say I could do Elite 1 but I guess I should just wait and see for myself. Super excited!
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