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    Hey guys! I'm posting just to ask the developers (and whoever has insight) some questions. 1. How big is the map? If i were to travel by foot across the map how long would it take? 2. Will people who did not make a donation be able to get into the Closed Alpha? That is all that is on my mind at the moment. If these questions are not able/allowed to be answered that's fine. Thanks, Jig
  2. Hey man, I know you are doing this to help other players, however, I think you should help in a fair way that follows the games rules and guidelines. Let's try that and maybe don't post this kind of thing on the forums, it's like you are shoving it in the developers face. Learning lesson, please don't do this again.
  3. Fast travel items are also a very good idea.
  4. This is a great idea but maybe to add a little more, I think there should be some sort of fee to use it. Let me know what you think.
  5. Sorry! I didn’t mean it as an insult. You are very skillful.
  6. I saw this on your instagram page. I believe I’m going to opt for the VIP pack it comes with so much.
  7. I wish I was that talented.
  8. Sorry for recent inactivity. I am currently pretty busy with my summer, however, I will continue to be talkative on this forums.

    1. Flex


      "Busy with summer"

  9. Wow! You guys really know how to hype someone up. Can’t wait!
  10. Jigoku


    Very, very good concept in my opinion. I love the idea that other players can watch because it almost creates a whole new world where players could become popular from being good at these events. Kinda like being a pro player haha! I honestly think this is a very good idea for the community of the game and making it more interactive. I can just picture hype going around certain matches like: Person 1: "Did you hear the match-up today?" Person 2: "Yeah, Guild A is taking on Guild B!" Person 1: " We have to go watch, it's the two top guilds!" Haha, I'm lame for doing that but it just shows how much I love the idea!
  11. Jigoku

    PVE or PVP

    I'm pretty sure he means like areas in the open world where you are allowed to fight other players, outside of arena mode.
  12. Jigoku

    PVE or PVP

    This is crazy! I can just picture how much fun that'll be. Can't wait to play with friends.
  13. Thanks guys! Big ups @Petko @Roak
  14. How’s it going guys! Haha it’s been a while but I’m back. I have a question mostly directed for the developers of Naïca Online. Question: I am not quite sure how the online aspect of the game will work. Will all the players online be in one world (or server)? Will it be divided into regions? In the end I don’t mind what the developers opted for, I just hope everyone has fun and enjoys the game. Ultimately that’s what the devs want. If anyone else may be able to answer my question please do! Thanks, Jig
  15. @ZeddOTak @Lex Honestly it’s very cool to see that the devs and players think alike, that will most likely lead to a strong community which is nice to see.
  16. To be honest I love games that I could enjoy with my friends and the guild system seems super cool! Can’t wait to start a guild with my buddies haha.
  17. I'd have to experience this feature for myself, I don't quite understand. I would like a deeper explanation because I find the suggestion intriguing.
  18. I'll check those games out! Thanks.
  19. Yeah that’s similar to my idea. On the balancing topic though, I’d just try the developers on that.
  20. I never heard of those games but I’m happy you found Naïca none the less!
  21. @TrueDiamant777 Tout le monde veulent que le jeu est bien fait, mais je veux aussi jouer le jeu. Nous devons attendre jusqu'à le devolopement est fini. Je m'excuse que mon français n'est pas la meilleur.
  22. I agree, make the experience of going into towns enjoyable.
  23. Hey players, I recently went through the whole Naïca Online Instagram page and I just want to let everyone involved with the development of the game is doing an amazing job! I am so hyped to hop in and see the world for myself. Anyway that is all. Thanks, Jig
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