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  1. I'd have to experience this feature for myself, I don't quite understand. I would like a deeper explanation because I find the suggestion intriguing.
  2. I'll check those games out! Thanks.
  3. Yeah that’s similar to my idea. On the balancing topic though, I’d just try the developers on that.
  4. I never heard of those games but I’m happy you found Naïca none the less!
  5. @TrueDiamant777 Tout le monde veulent que le jeu est bien fait, mais je veux aussi jouer le jeu. Nous devons attendre jusqu'à le devolopement est fini. Je m'excuse que mon français n'est pas la meilleur.
  6. I agree, make the experience of going into towns enjoyable.
  7. Hey players, I recently went through the whole Naïca Online Instagram page and I just want to let everyone involved with the development of the game is doing an amazing job! I am so hyped to hop in and see the world for myself. Anyway that is all. Thanks, Jig
  8. It makes me really happy that you are engaging with everyone and making sure we are all on the same team! Thanks.
  9. Smart. I would recommend you pitch this idea as its own suggestion in the "Suggestions" poll.
  10. I am 100% happy with that. I don’t want you guys to feel too overwhelmed. Thanks for the update.
  11. Jigoku


    Hey guys! I had the idea of adding some sort of auction feature to shops so players have a chance to purchase an item from someone’s vendor without being right there when the item is put up for sale. Just a way to give everyone a chance to purchase the item they want. This idea is very under developed but I just wanted to put this out there to sit for a while. If anyone has better understanding on the vendor feature please give me some pointers. Thanks, Jig
  12. Jigoku

    PVE or PVP

    Oh yeah don't worry I know!
  13. Maybe not to that extent, more like teaching the basics.
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