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  1. I trust the developers, they have proven to want to release the best alpha they can.
  2. Seems like everyone is just as excited as I am!
  3. Jigoku


    @Petko Thank you for the insight! At what time pets could be added into the game doesn’t really matter to me, I’m just super excited and I have many ideas I’d like to see in the game that will most likely not make it.
  4. @ZeddOTak looking forward to what you do with it!
  5. @Krikium I am not quite sure how the currency system works in the game. I apologize, however, potentially @ZeddOTak will be able to answer your question.
  6. Jigoku


    Hello players, I recently thought of the idea that players could have a pet or familiar. Potentially giving an in-game advantage or just for cosmetic appeal. Let me know what you think! -Jigoku
  7. Probably an Ophimander. I love the bit on how they descend from dragons!
  8. I like the idea of having a guild hall of some sort, like a home away from home!
  9. Jigoku

    Title Quests

    @Petko I agree, something like “alpha tester” in the description of your avatar. So many possibilities!
  10. I want to know why everyone is so interested in Naica Online. I’m personally looking forward to being able to venture the open world and fight in dungeons with my friends. I’m also looking forward to being able to see progression among not only players avatars but also the community. See ya, Jigoku
  11. I saw this game advertised on Instagram! Immediately hooked!
  12. Jigoku

    Title Quests

    I like the idea! Future guild member haha
  13. That’s amazing! Thank you for the insight and feedback ZeddOTak, can’t wait to see you in game!
  14. Pitch: Keeping the game interesting and exciting is important to the game developers, I assume. An idea I believe will make players want to log onto Naica Online and play is a "pop-up" quests or limited time quests where when completed one is given a quest specific item that can no longer be obtained after said quest. These quests could be live for as low as a couple hours or potentially a day or two, up to developers, the lower the time the rarer the item will be afterwards. Why I believe this is a good suggestion: Having quests that only take place for a couple hours will not only show who the true Naica Online lovers are, but it will also be urge people to log on to take a crack at the quest and potentially snag themselves a new rare item. These rare items obtained by the "pop-up" quests will most likely become a driving force in the player vendor feature, thus making players play to save up currency to buy one of the rare item. Fighting against the clock to finish a quest is also very fun and exciting, although players may encounter some heartbreak when not being able finishing in time, it will push them harder for next time. Having one of the rare items that could only be obtained once is also very satisfying and would make players feel proud and special, all thanks to their efforts and time spent playing Naica Online. Some Cons I could think of: I feel the main problem with this feature would be different time zones, and people being asleep or what have you, while the event is live. A potential solve would be releasing the "pop-up" quest for different regions at different times. Another potential problem would be the developers having to create new items consistently for these events/quests, but I believe it is better if Naica Online does not release these "pop-up" quests regularly because having a "rare item" would not longer be rare. If anyone has any suggestions make sure you leave them down below, I speak english and french so I will understand comments in those languages, if some comments are in another language I ask the community to assist and translate for me. Thank you, Jigoku
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